27 February 2015

journal # 1

Florence on Instagram © Birgitte Brøndsted

As you may have noticed I have done a few changes to the blog lately. Basically I have cleaned up everything and put things into order :-) I have deleted approximately 150 posts. Some of them can still be found on the blog but they have been united in larger round up posts. This is the reason why you have seen some Best of Florence posts lately. A few more are still to come.

I have cleaned up my Copenhagen, Berlin and Florence city guides. I still need to have a look at the Rome guide. I have also made a brand new page for the categories on the blog, which I hope will make it easier to browse among my old posts.

My Let's work together page has been updated. Have a look if you are interested in hiring me for professional assignments.

I have also made a new page with a few rules about the use of my images. It happens occasionally that I find my photos on other blogs and websites and although I am indeed very happy that people want to share them, I have to stress the fact that the use of my images require a written permission from me. You can read more about that HERE.

And now to this post: The journal. What's that about? As I went through all my old blog posts I realized that some of the posts which I was most happy to look back at were my this week posts, the links for your weekend and the friday faves from instagram. They are the perfect online journal for me and I kind of regret that - aside from the links for your weekend - I haven't kept up with these posts for the past year.

On the other hand I don't like to have too many weekly series on the blog. I think it gets boring and it kind of stresses me if I have too many blog posts which I have to write each week. It's bad for my creativity :-)

So the new thing is going to be a weekly journal every Friday, which will be a mix of all three: Instagram, links and a few words about my week. And to keep it all together you can now find the old this week posts, links for your weekend and friday faves under JOURNAL on the Categories page. Boy, am I organized :-)

So let's get to it.

Tomorrow we are leaving for Copenhagen and I am of course more than thrilled. Although I feel like I have just returned from our Christmas holidays I sure can't wait to go back and hopefully enjoy some Danish spring weather.

As for our week here in Florence it has mostly been about preparing the last things before our departure. I did have time to read blogs though.

Here are some posts which I've faved on Bloglovin' lately. Oh, and if you are curious to see which blogs I read you can check them out on my blog roll. They are all fabulous.

I recently did a maternity session which I was very happy about, but this one is just perfect. I love the simplicity and the soft light.

I have shared her work before but I have to do it again. Right now Tasja Van Rymenant is my absolute number one favorite photographer of them all.

Annette Pehrsson takes beautiful photos as well. Check out this one.

I love to follow Danish Ida Lærke, both on Instagram and on her blog.

I have followed Alice Gao and her photography for so many years. This week I found out - through Instagram - that she is in Copenhagen. I can't wait to see some of her blog posts from my city.

Last but not least: Have you visited my new print shop yet?

As for the next week get ready for some heavy Copenhagen Instagramming!

Enjoy your weekend and remember that you are welcome to send me an e-mail if you would like to book a photo session with me in Copenhagen within the next two weeks.

25 February 2015

portrait sessions for tourists in florence

Portrait sessions for tourists in Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted

When you travel abroad, whether you travel with your partner, a friend, your family or even alone, one problem almost always turn up when it comes to documenting your vacation: Someone has to take the photos, and although you may once in a while ask a stranger to take a group photo of you and your family, most often will you end up taking the photos yourself, which means that one person will always be missing from the photos.

So why not hire a professional photographer to do the job?

Portrait sessions for tourists in Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted

During your stay in Florence, whether you are here for vacation, your honeymoon or something else, I will be happy to do a portrait session with you and your family. We can do a traditional on location portrait session like the ones I do with local clients or we can do a session with Florence as the perfect background.

As always my sessions will be casual and relaxed. We can do your portraits in a specific location or I can simply take a walk with you around town.

While you enjoy your cappuccino or eat a gelato I will document everything with my camera and you will get a series of professional portraits to take back home with you. The perfect souvenir from your stay in Florence.

A photo session lasts approximately one hour. We will meet up somewhere in the center of Florence, in a place which you can choose yourself, or I can suggest some great locations.

Prices start at 240 euro depending on which package you choose.

Contact me at info@birgittebrondsted.com if you would like to receive more information or to book your session. To see my portfolio head over to my website.

Portrait sessions for tourists in Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted

Portrait sessions for tourists in Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted

24 February 2015

sdam factory for the florentine

Sdam Factory Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted

If you live in Florence you probably know the English language news magazine The Florentine. They have just launched a fabulous new article series called Streetsmart featuring cool streets in Florence, and this month I did the photos for Via Romana.

Today I wanted to share a few of the photos which didn't make it to the magazine. You can read the full article and see more photos from this and other cool places in Via Romana online at The Florentine, or you can check out the paper version of the magazine which is free and available in different pick up points all around Florence.

Sdam Factory Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted

Sdam Factory Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted

Sdam Factory Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted

Sdam Factory Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted

Sdam Factory Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted

22 February 2015

5 great cafes in stræderne | copenhagen

I am off to Copenhagen in less than a week, so I thought I would "get in the mood" by sharing my five favorite cafes in "Stræderne" - the little streets running parallel with the main shopping street Strøget.

The cafes which are located here are usually way cheaper than the ones on the main street and they are a lot more cosy. They all have tables outside in the street and on a warm summer day they are perfect for an outdoor lunch without too much chaos around you. Here are five faves where I always end up when I'm in Copenhagen.

You can check out my complete guide to cafes in Copenhagen HERE.

Bertels Salon

In Kompagnistræde in the center of Copenhagen a new and very dangerous place (if you like me have a sweet tooth) recently opened. 

Bertels Salon is a relatively new cafe and cake shop specialized in cheesecakes. You can choose between lots of different cakes such as strawberry cheesecake, cheesecake with lime or lemon merengue, Oreos, chocolate, berries and several others. 

There are a few tables outside in the street, but the place is actually really cosy inside if you go upstairs where the cafe rooms are located. 

Kompagnistræde 5. T. +45 50908899 bertelskager.dk

Cheescake Bertels Salon Copenhagen © Birgitte Brøndsted


You find Kreuzberg in Kompagnistræde. Here you can have breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. You can eat outside in the street or inside just a few steps down in the "basement".

Every month Kreuzberg offers a different soup, but you can also have great sandwiches, salads, tapas and the traditional Danish "smørrebrød" made on rye bread. I love Kreuzberg because it's very down to earth and cosy. The interior is filled with warm colours and lots of art on the walls. Last but not least prices are very reasonable.

Kompagnistræde 14. T. +45 33934850 www.kreuzberg.dk

Wanna B

Wanna B is one of the cafes, where I will almost always stop by during my stays in Copenhagen.

The place has a great menu and very reasonable prices. I especially like their omelet but the menu also includes sandwiches and many other things.

The place is quite dark, of course with lots of candles. This makes it really cosy inside, but on a sunny day it's better to choose a table outside, where you can have your brunch, lunch or coffee while looking at the street life.

Kompagnistræde 4. T. +45 33133311 www.wannab.dk

Kafe Kys

This is a very down to earth and unpretentious cafe. I especially love the place for their sandwiches which you can have on white bread or rye bread. My favorite is the grilled goat cheese with beetroot, pumpkin seeds and mango chutney served on rye bread. Yummy! 

I did a separate blog post about Kafe Kys which you can read HERE.

Læderstræde 7. T. + 45 33938594 www.kafekys.dk


Zirup is perfect for a coffee break in between shopping, and the menu is slightly more restaurant-like than the ones you see in most cafes in Copenhagen.

I usually come here for a nice cappuccino, which at Zirup comes with some delicious chocolate on the top and a little biscotto (usually cantuccini). 

The cafe has lots of tables outside and inside, which makes it a bit more easy to get a table, especially during summer, when everybody wants to sit outside. 

Besides lunch and dinner you can also have brunch at Zirup, and Friday and Saturday the place stays open until midnight, so you can come by after dinner for a coffee or a drink.

Læderstræde 32. T. +45 33135060 www.zirup.dk


She was home from school two days this week. I got her some new watercolors. The man at the tabaccheria gave her the lollypop. 

See the whole series HERE or follow the project on Facebook.

52 weeks © Birgitte Brøndsted