Huge announcement: Blog move!

21 April 2016

Today I have some really big news: I have started a new blog!

Over the past year or so I have found it increasingly more difficult to decide how I should use this space and I have finally decided that it's time to move on and start on a fresh. Therefore I have decided to stop blogging (at least for now) on A dusty olive green.

Instead I have created a brand new space called I Harmoni [in harmony]

The new blog is going to be a place for all things slow and simple, sustainable and organic, vegan and vegetarian. As always with a focus on Copenhagen and Florence.

On the new blog I will also feature cool entrepreneurs as well as inspiring creative spaces. Finally the new blog will have a big focus on kids.

You will definitely see some similarities between the new blog and A dusty olive green, but the main difference will be that the overall theme for the new blog is Simple Living and Sustainability.

When you go to the new blog you will see that I transferred almost 40 posts from A dusty olive green. I am not a fan of reposting already published material, but these all fit so well into the new space and also I wanted the blog to be launched with an already existing archive so readers can see immediately what to expect from the it. I promise it will be all new content from now on!

Instead of explaining all the details here I suggest you pay a visit to the about page on I Harmoni. I really hope you will find it interesting, and I hope you will continue to follow me.

A dusty olive green will remain on the Internet and I will continue to keep the information up to date so you can still use the three city guides to Rome, Florence and Copenhagen.

As for the new blog I have created a new Instagram profile as well as a new Facebook page for it. You can also sign up on Bloglovin' to follow I Harmoni. (If you are already following A dusty olive green on Bloglovin' please note that I plan on transferring all followers to the new blog within app. two weeks.)

Here are all the new social media profiles:

I Harmoni on Facebook
I Harmoni on Instagram
I Harmoni on Bloglovin'
I Harmoni on Google+ (Same account as before)
I Harmoni on Pinterest (Same account as before)

I want to say a big  T H A N K   Y O U  to all of you for having followed me in this space since the beginning four years ago. I cannot deny that it feels a little bit sad to move on, but at the same time it feels so right and I am really happy that I have refound my joy and passion for blogging.

Thank you for now and I hope you will want to continue the journey with me on my new blog.

See you on I Harmoni!

Colors of spring # 3: Purple

13 April 2016

I wish I could accompany this post by the scent of wisteria. It has to be the best scent in the world.

Currently these purple flowers are all over Florence and they just make me so happy. I am even so lucky as to have them three floors under me at home and when I lay in the hammock on my balcony I can actually smell them. Isn't that amazing?

Wisteria © Birgitte BrøndstedWisteria © Birgitte BrøndstedWisteria © Birgitte BrøndstedWisteria © Birgitte BrøndstedWisteria © Birgitte BrøndstedWisteria © Birgitte Brøndsted

Colors of spring # 2: Green

11 April 2016

Following yesterday's post here is some more spring for you directly from Florence. Have a wonderful week!

Spring in Florence © Birgitte BrøndstedSpring in Florence © Birgitte BrøndstedSpring in Florence © Birgitte BrøndstedSpring in Florence © Birgitte BrøndstedSpring in Florence © Birgitte BrøndstedSpring in Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted
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