Journal # 5

27 May 2016

So I couldn't stay away from A dusty olive green after all.

I can't really explain it, but this space just feels like home to me - at least on the Internet. So I have decided that I'm gonna do my journal and random photography posts over here.

I would actually love to combine both blogs in one space and I am still considering different solutions, but I'm not sure it is doable, so for now I'll keep on blogging both here and on I Harmoni.

Last Saturday was nothing less than perfect. We went out for breakfast in the morning followed by a visit to the market in Piazza delle Cure. We bought cherries and ate them at the park.

The market in Piazza delle Cure.

In the evening I had two family sessions at Giardino dell'Orticoltura. 

As I left the park this light happened.

Sunday strolls in the center.

Latest addiction: Organic ice cream with fresh strawberries and dark chocolate...

I went running for the first time in a veeery long time and came across this pretty house.

Not to mention this view...

Visited the park at San Salvi.

Fortunately I remembered to look up.

This sunset happens almost every day now.

Via Bocaccio in Le Cure.


I am on the lookout for a new vegan bag. I discovered Matt and Nat and fell in love with the backpacks

Photos of moms taken within the first 24 hours after baby was born. I LOVE them.

I am trying to reduce my online presence. At least in terms of social media. This week I said goodbye to my Pinterest account and VSCO grid. It feels great and I don't miss them! Let's see who's up next. Only thing I know for sure is that I will never abandon Instagram.

In just one month I'll be in Denmark again. I am going back for a school reunion (25 years!) It's going to be so much fun. I will stay for two weeks and part of it will also be work of course. Can't wait to share some new Copenhagen content on I Harmoni.

Have a great weekend!

Journal # 4

20 May 2016

This week I am in charge of the Instagram account of Creative people in Florence. It's my first Instagram take over and I really enjoy it. I have been posting on @creativepeopleinflorence since Monday and will continue to do so until Sunday evening. Come and follow along if you like.

It's been a rainy week but this weekend the sun is supposed to come out and I have two photo sessions which I can't wait to do.

Below is a mix of this week's photos from my own account and from the account of CPiF. 

Le Cure Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted © Birgitte Brøndsted
Le Cure Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted
Still life © Birgitte BrøndstedLe Cure Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted
Le Cure Florence © Birgitte BrøndstedLe Cure Florence © Birgitte BrøndstedFlorence © Birgitte Brøndsted
Le Cure Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted
Florence © Birgitte Brøndsted

Journal # 3

14 May 2016

Mercato delle Cure Firenze © Birgitte Brøndsted

The market in Piazza delle Cure is always worth a visit.

Poppies © Birgitte Brøndsted

We went to a kids birthday party and stumbled upon these poppies on our way home. I so wished I had brought my real camera, but I didn't so I had to shoot with the iPhone. Not the same but they are still pretty.

© Birgitte Brøndsted

This week we have been testing a new Danish creative concept for kids. I'll be sharing more next week so stay tuned because this is really super cool.

Firenze © Birgitte Brøndsted

We have some amazing sunsets these days (when it's not grey and rainy). I managed to capture this golden light from my daughter's room.

Mercato delle Cure Firenze © Birgitte Brøndsted

And this morning we went for a walk around our neighborhood and to our local market.

Mercato delle Cure Firenze © Birgitte Brøndsted

Stuff I found on the Internet this week:

The landscape photography on Cereal is always stunning. This is no exception.

If you can read Italian I suggest you read this article about the importance of printing your photos. If you can't read Italian no worries: I will soon write a piece on my own for this blog sharing some tips on how to get started with the printing of your personal photos.

I love the Danish online magazine Enfants Terribles. The Best Friends Forever Issue is out now. Check it out!

Have a great weekend!
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