10 photo blogs that inspire me | part l

Today I'm going to share with you 5 out of 10 incredible photoblogs which are of a great daily inspiration to me. Behind them are 10 very talented photographers - all female.

Here goes:

Lingered Upon by New York photographer Alice Gao:

I absolutely love everything about Alice's photography - the perfect light she always manages to catch when photographing interiors, especially in little coffee shops in New York, and her portraits (which include wedding and engagement sessions) that are so full of life and quite different from what you usually see. Another specialty of Alice is food photography, a passion which apparently goes perfectly hand in hand with her passion for great food. Therefore not only do you often find beautiful photos of delicious food on the blog, the images are often accompanied by a detailed description of what is actually on the plate.

Divas and Dreams by Danish photographer Christina Greve:

Christina is a Danish photographer who has gone from being a life coach to being a successful photographer specialized in diva-like portraits of women. Christina manages to bring out the best of every woman she photographs and her portraits are stunning. What I also like about her photography is her ability to create such different looks and styles in her photos. Besides being a brilliant photographer Christina is also a fabulous teacher who isn't afraid of sharing what she knows. Through her newsletter and on her blog you can get so many great tips and advice on how to become a better photographer, and if you want more she offers online courses and has even created a posing guide which helps you to become a better portrait photographer. 

The Sweet Light by American photographer A. Jarrett (Gabrielle Kai Photography)

The first photoblog I ever read was Gabrielle Kai Photography's blog. I can't remember how I found it, but I do remember that I fell in love immediately with the beautiful vintage style photos on the blog. By then the blog was a different one than the one she (A. jarrett) has now, however the new one is just as beautiful even though I think her photography has changed quite a lot during the time I have followed her blogs. Today she is very much into film photography and the photos have moved a bit away from the vintage style. One thing she continues to use brilliantly is the light. Natural light, of course. I love how she takes ordinary every day things from her own life and turn them into incredibly beautiful motives in her photos. Btw, you may soon "meet" Gabrielle Kai Photography. Five of her gorgeous vintage photos are going to be sold at Ikea as postcards. I strongly recommend you go get them!

Elena K Photography by German photographer Elena Kloppenburg

Elena K is a German photographer living and working in Rome, Italy. I got to know about her from a postcard I found in the fabulous baby and maternity shop The Milk bar in Rome. As I myself am trying to get started on children photography I thought I could learn something from an expert already working in this field. Therefore I hurried home and visited her website and blog, and I wasn't disappointed. Elena is a great photographer who is specialized in children's portraits and maternity portraits, but she also does wedding photography and other portraits. Her portraits of children and babies are a mix of classic baby/children portraits and more alternative things (Check out her photo of a newborn in a Louis Vuitton bag. How cute is that?) Elena K has been on my blog roll for a long time now and I'm always very enthusiastic to see what she comes up with.

Euge de la Peña Photography by Argentinian photographer Maria Eugenia de la Peña

Argentinian photographer Maria Eugenia is the proof that a great photographer can make everything, even completely ordinary things and places, beautiful. Maria Eugenia lives in Hamburg, Germany and many of her photos are from this and other German cities. I love the colors and the softness in her photos, the way she manages to take quite ordinary places and landscapes and turn them into extremely beautiful motives. She is also a fantastic portrait photographer, but most of all Maria Eugenia is a true artist!

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