10 photoblogs that inspire me | part ll

So, I'm going to continue with part II of my "10 photoblogs that inspire me". If you missed part I click HERE to read the first post.

Un mar de Sueños by Spanish photographer Agus Albiol

I must admit that Agus Albiol's blog isn't one of the blogs I know best. I discovered her photography recently and started following her blog, but I still have to explore it, also because it's in Spanish and even though I have lived in Madrid for one year and understand quite a lot it requires some effort for me to read posts in Spanish. However, as you know, photography is an international language, and I can assure you that what I have seen on Agus' blog is nothing less than beautiful. Here are colorful pictures as well as black and white photographs of interiors, beautiful Christmas photos, lovely children's portraits, landscapes, nature...It's difficult to put a label on her photography since it seems she's able to do it all. A really inspiring blog which you'll have to visit.

Eye Poetry by Canadian photographer Irene Suchocki

I think I discovered Irene Suchocki on Etsy where she is one of the top selling fine art photographers. I think I faved quite a bunch of her photos before moving on to visit her blog and website. Irene is such a brilliant photographer. I have a thing for Paris photographs, and Irene's shop - and blog- are full of them. Her style varies a lot, but many photos are vintage inspired, her nature shots are incredible and so are her series with wild horses, which you have to check out, not to mention her cityscapes, which besides Paris also include Venice and other Italian and French cities. Eye Poetry is definitely a perfect name for this blog, which is so full of beautiful dreamy photographs from and of amazing places.

Casi en serio by Venezuelan photographer Jackie Rueda

I don't know what it is about these Spanish language photoblogs, but there seems to be a lot of them on my blog roll and they are all great. Jackie Rueda is a Spanish/Venezuelan natural light portrait and fine art photographer living in Canada. The photos on her blog are a great mix of every day details (made incredibly beautiful after passing through her lens), places and portraits. Jackie is also teaching photography through her many online courses. You may have noticed by know that I adore photographers that are able to take all those little ordinary things from our every day life and make them pretty through their cameras. Well, Jackie definitely belongs to this group.

Isabel Pavìa Photography by Spanish photographer Isabel Pavìa

Isabel Pavìa is a Spanish photographer who takes lovely pictures with an almost childish touch. The colors are lovely and motives include landscapes, children - including her own - every day details (there we have it again!), nature and so much more. Her blog posts are often build up around one color or tone which just makes the photos even more beautiful.

Alicia Bock Photography by American photographer Alicia Bock

I had wanted to buy something from Alicia Bock's Etsy shop for a long time, and so, as a new year had begun, I decided it was time to invest in a new desk calendar. I ordered a 5x7 "Classic Paris" calendar with the most beautiful photographs from the city of love, and today I fully enjoy it while working in my office. Paris is just one of the cities immortalized in Alicia's photos. You also find New York City, lots of carousels and carnivals, nature and much more. Something that really impressed me recently on Alicia's blog were these portraits of her daughter. I love the dark tones and the, at least for me, very unusual style. I believe that Alicia is an amazing artist.

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