photoblogs that inspire me | part III

Did you read my two posts about the 10 photoblogs which inspire me? Well, today I have five more for you. I am always looking for new blogs to follow and here are my latest discoveries within photoblogs. Again we are talking about five female photographers, which I love to follow. Let me introduce to you: Kristina from Norway, Sandra from Sweden (blogging from Berlin), Claudia from Portugal, Natasha from Australia and Carmen from Venezuela. All five girls are amazing photographers, but not only. I love their blogs, because they are so full of inspiration and cute stories.

Claudia from A place for Twiggs blogs about almost everything on earth; photography, food, design, Lisbon, travel, other bloggers and so much more. Every day I love to see what she's up to and she never disappoints me. Her photos are amazing, a mix of vintage, soft colors and lots of blur. Just the way I like it :-) Claudia actually has two more blogs besides A place for Twiggs; a blog on film photography and another one dedicated to her photography business.

Natasha is an Australian blogger and photographer trapped in the body of a lawyer. I just discovered her blog recently, when I found her among the followers of my own blog. Her blog is very simple and yet so rich in words and photos. She has an amazing, incredibly beautiful and almost too crazy to be true love story, which you can read all about on her blog, and on top of this her photos are nothing less than beautiful. I have become addicted to Beautifully, Suddenly and I'm pretty sure you will be too, once you see it.

Sandra Juto is a Swedish girl living in Berlin. I actually discovered her blog through A place for Twiggs, since Claudia made a feature about Sandra. Sandra has become famous for making the very charming wrist worms (don't you just love the name?), which I'm definitely going to get a pair of next winter. They are handmade by herself and perfect for photographers on cold days. Sandra takes lovely pics, most of all cityscapes from Berlin and pictures from restaurants, bars and cafes. I love the urban style in her photos. Finally the design of Sandra's blog is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen. So simple and chic.

Carmen Moreno is a top notch female photographer from Venezuela, who doesn't need much introduction. Head over to see her pictures and you will understand why I follow her blog Como veo el mundo. She is so incredibly talented and on top of this a very beautiful woman, which you can see from her amazing self portraits. Carmen Moreno produces pure art and the very best of it.

And finally there is Kristina, another Scandinavian girl. I don't know so much about Kristina, but I can tell you, that she is Norwegian and a huge inspiration to me. I love her bokeh photos, her simple style and her way of photographing little things from our everyday lives. She is the reason I have started to photograph fences. If you check out her blog and portfolio you will see why...


  1. Birgitte, thank you so so much for the feature and for your incredibly kind words! They pretty much made my week :))

    I am off to check out the other blogs you have listed now :) xox

  2. thank you so much for including in such a fabulous list!!! and it's so interesting to see that you found sandra juto through my blog! sandra rocks!! ;) have a great day and once again thank you for the thoughtful words on my work!

  3. Well, thank you to both of you for your lovely blogs :-)

  4. To me is an honor to be part of this list, thank you very much for including me.

  5. Thanks to you, Carmen, for being a great inspiration!


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