preparing for the hive | european blog conference in berlin 19-20 may 2012

In these days I'm busy preparing for my first real speech in public.  In just one month I will be in Berlin as a speaker at the first european blog conference.

The Hive is organized by three lovely girls, all bloggers of course, and I am so proud to have been invited to speak. 

My subject is going to be "How to become a blogger", but I will of course also share my own blogger story starting with my first blog My Sweet Rome up until now where a dusty olive green has been born. 

Most of all I'm looking forward to learn so much from all the other bloggers that are going to speak on the conference and I can't wait to meet a lot of new people. I have only been a blogger for a little over a year (even though it seems much longer), and I still have so many things to learn. That's the good thing about blogging. You are never done, you constantly learn new things and you constantly get better.

And of course I have made sure to have a few extra days in Berlin, in order to be able to explore the city, find some great places and take hundreds and hundreds of photos. You are going to hear all about it!

You can see the complete program for the two days on the website for the The Hive. There will be lots of bloggers and people from the industry speaking, and there will be some great workshops as well not to mention a big party Saturday night. You are still in time to get a ticket, so hurry over and check it out.

You might also want to check out the blogs of the other speakers. Here are some of the speakers and their blogs:

Anne Ditmeyer from Prêt a Voyager | Nadja from Smil | Anne Faber from Anne's Kitchen | Marika Majorová from Tonbogirl | Emily Westbrooks from From China Village | Eleni Psyllaki from My Paradissi | Anki Wijnen from Zilverblaw | Lindsay Tramuta from Lost in Cheeseland | Jeanette Lunde from Fryd og Design | Gabrielle Blair from Design mom | Adrian Schneider from Telemedicus Freunde Von Freunden from Freunde Von Freunden | Deborah Beau from Kickcan and Conkers | Angelica Scwaff from Reisefreunde | Dolores Wally from Kleinformat mag | Teresa and Antonia Neubauer from Sister magazine | Bianca, Isa and Claudia from Hauptstadtmutti | Yvonne Bauer from Fraulein Klein | not to mention the three organizers Peggy from Paul et Paula | Yvonne from The girl in the laundromat | and Radostina from 79 ideas.

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