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I'm in a Roman mood these days, so here is another post from my old blog with some new photos. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

It took me almost seven years before I managed to visit Rome's botanical garden. As a compensation this is a place I will definitely return to again and again. The garden, which belongs to the university  La Sapienza, is located in Trastevere. At first it doesn’t look so big, but once you start walking along the paths, you are met by a gigantic green oasis of beauty and tranquillity, birds singing and the sound of running water from the small streams. Not a single sound from the big city can reach you here and you get the feeling of being in paradise. There are small forests of bamboo, a Japanese garden, a Magnolia tree, an aroma garden, a rose garden, a palm avenue, birds, ducks and some lazy cats. The garden goes all the way up to the Gianicolo hill, and when you reach the top of the Japanese garden you have a beautiful view over Rome. A couple of hours in this garden and you become a new person.

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