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Garden of Anouk is a teeny tiny concept store in Dunckerstrasse, in Prenzlauer Berg. Since our apartment was located in this street, I happened to walk by the shop several times, but always when it was closed, either in the evening or on Sunday and Monday, when the shop is closed.

So at the very last minute, just before heading towards the airport, I finally managed to stop by during its opening hours and I fell in love immediately.

Garden of Anouk is a beautiful shop filled with beautiful pieces and with a very friendly and personal atmosphere and service.

At Garden of Anouk you can first of all buy quality t-shirts with the charming prints by Miriam Haas, who is a French-German designer and illustrator, of course based in the European center of creativity: Berlin. The t-shirts are quite simple with their charming childish prints, and I just had to buy one. You can also find several pieces for children with the same prints, and the shop also has a few accessories and other designs.

This was definitely one of the most amazing shops I saw in Berlin and something I would recommend to all girls and moms.

Dunckerstrasse 17. T. +49 (0) 17680044955 www.gardenofanouk.com


  1. Fantastic! What a great shop and wonderful inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  2. And thank you for commenting :-)


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