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While I edit all my photos from Berlin, I'll leave you with a little something from just outside Copenhagen.

I'm aware that Søborg probably isn't the first place you want to visit when travelling to Copenhagen. But if you happen to pass by (or through!) this area, you should at least know that there is one really great place for lunch, coffee breaks and brunch - you can even sleep here since the place is also a bed and breakfast!

Granny's House is a lovely cafe with an amazing decor full of happy colours and crazy stuff. For many years there was a bakery here, THE bakery of Søborg, and even though Granny's House has continued the bakery tradition when it comes to the cakes, the place has changed a lot since then.

In here you can buy all sorts of things such as high quality chocolate and other sweets, but Granny's House is first of all famous for its pastries and cakes, which are many, beautiful and delicious. On the first Sunday of every month you can try them all when the socalled cake table is lined up. Almost too good to be true.

Granny's is especially great on weekends where you can have brunch in the lovely garden or inside in the cafe. The brunch is made as a buffet which among other things offers scones, eggs and bacon, cheese, coffee, orange juice, homemade bread, yoghurt with fruits and much more.

Søborg Hovedgade 75. T. +45 33323334 www.grannyshouse.dk

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