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Boy, do I miss this place. 'Gusto is one of my absolute favorite places in Rome. I have spent so many great evenings here with good friends and amazing pizzas not to mention the numerous glasses of wine or prosecco that I have enjoyed in the wine bar.

The 'Gusto empire has slowly taken over Piazza Augusto Imperatore where the owners have opened several variations of eating and drinking places.

You can choose between the pizzeria, the more elegant restaurant, the osteria or the latest Rotisserie, which is specialized in grill. Next to the Rotisserie you find 'Gustos cafe, where you can have breakfast or brunch or enjoy a cup of coffee during the day.

I always go to the pizzeria. Gusto pizzas are fantastic. They are made with a thick base as in Naples, and you can choose between the "red"(with tomato sauce) and "white"(without tomato sauce). Try the popular Margherita doc or some of the slightly more experimental variants such as my personal favorite, the Ciliegina, which is made with cherry tomatoes, arugula, mozzarella, parmesan flakes and olives. 

Begin or end the evening at 'Gusto's wine bar, where you can listen to live jazz music and drink fancy cocktails or glasses of wine. This is a great place for an aperitif but also for after dinner. 

Finally you must pay a visit to the 'Gusto store where you can buy stylish kitchenware, cookbooks and more.

Piazza Augusto Imperatore 9. T. +39 06 3226273 www.gusto.it (Visit the website for more addresses)

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