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Panattoni is one of these classic Roman pizzerias, one returns to again and again. For some reason the place has three different names. Besides the two official ones Panattoni and Ai Marmi, the pizzeria is known among Romans under the name l'Obitorio, which means morgue in Italian. The creepy and cold name refers to the equally cold marble tables that pizzas are eaten at, and it doesn't stop here.

Outdoor seating is right on the sidewalk at the very busy Viale di Trastevere, where tram no. 8 regularly passes by. When you arrive at Panattoni and get a table, maybe after some waiting in the street, glasses, knives and forks are thrown on the table in order for you to distribute it. Orders are taken, and if there is too much uncertainty and hesitation over the menu, the waiter quickly finds something better to do with his time and then returns, when the guest is ready. 

The replacement at the tables is frequent and regular. In here you do not sit around for an entire evening over the last glass of wine. Here you eat, and then you leave – other guests need the table. If you choose to eat outside, you will most likely get several visits from beggars and flower sellers during your dinner, and service is as already mentioned reduced to a minimum. Did I forget to mention the noise level inside? It is loud! 

So what is it that makes Panattoni so popular that the place is usually always crowded, that it is a classic among Roman pizzerias and that people come back again and again? The food. The incredibly delicious paper-thin pizzas, of course baked in a stone oven, and the Roman "fritti", which consist of fried potato croquettes, squash flowers or the famous suppli. Finally, do not forget the classic bruschette with different fillings.

Viale di Trastevere 53. T. +39 06 5800919

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