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Berlin is full of amazing cafes. They are all over the city, sometimes one next to another, and I can't help but wondering how they all manage to survive, but apparently - and fortunately - there are customers enough for everyone.

Just a few hours after arriving at our apartment in Prenzlauer Berg, we went out to have an early dinner at Cafe Butter in Pappelallee. We kind of popped in to one of the first places we met on our walk, something which can be very dangerous in a city you don't know, but this time we were really lucky.

We had a lovely classic German cafe dinner in a relaxed bohemian environment with cool people and a very friendly service.

I am going to make a post about my overall impressions of Berlin soon, but I can already reveal now that friendliness and helpful Berliners is one of the very lovely characteristics of this city.

So if you ever find yourself in Prenzlauer Berg (the most charming area in Berlin I have seen these five days - separate post coming up soon!), Butter is a really good choice for a meal.

Pappelallee 73. T. +49 030 52685933 www.cafe-butter.de


  1. I will try it during my next trip to Berlin! It looks very nice!

  2. You should! And stay tuned for more even better places :-)

  3. Loved Berlin and all the adorable people, - and next time I will make sure I say HI to everybody :)
    Give me a ring next time you are in Copenhagen - would love to catch up for a coffee,

    1. Anya, I am here right now, but only for two more days (Just returned from Berlin three hours ago), but I will be back in July, then it would be great to have that coffee :-)


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