a quick hello from berlin

I'm finally online. Turned out my battery charger didn't work in Germany, but today a friendly fellow conference participant lent me his charger, and my battery is now on 100% and I feel like myself again :-)

I am having some amazing days here. Berlin is a fantastic and very photogenic city, I am eating great food in great places every day, the blog conference is so inspiring, and I am learning so many new things. My own presentation went quite well (I think) and I'm really happy I decided to do this.

I have met some amazing bloggers, I have listened to great speakers and, as already mentioned, I am learning so many new things, which will definitely be reflected on the blog in the future. If you are a blogger, or maybe thinking of becoming one, I will strongly recommend that you join this conference next year (I think and hope there will be a second edition). I will definitely be there!

I am writing this post in between two presentations, since I really wanted to share some photos with you. They are the only ones I have managed to edit so far (I have hundreds and hundreds more...), so I will be back with more as soon as I have done the editing.

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