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In the Jewish ghetto you find one of Rome's most authentic restaurants. Sora Margherita has been here since 1927. The food is simple but always excellent, and the atmosphere is as relaxed and familiar as it can be. In the tiny room that constitutes the restaurant, locals and tourists eat side by side at the simple wooden tables with paper tablecloths, the wine of the house and lots of delicious Roman specialties. The menu varies from day to day, but when the season is right, you can almost always find the famous Carciofo alla giudia, which is a fried artichoke, which generally tastes fantastic, but at Sora Margherita it tastes even better. (And remember that you can eat everything on the artichoke). Also the service at Sora Margherita is incredibly friendly and professional, not only towards the local guests but also towards the tourists, which unfortunately isn’t always a given thing in Rome.

Piazza delle Cinque Scole 30 T. +39 06 6874216

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