friday faves from instagram - now with words!

It's been kind of a slow week for me on Instagram, so I only have a few pics to share with you. To compensate I will start to add a few words to every photo. After all these are pics from my everyday life, and, who knows, it might interest someone what's actually in them :-)

If you would like to follow me I'm birgittebrondsted.

Black and white cityscape from Florence taken on one of our many walks around the city. My man was eating a typical Florentine panino con lampredotto (as a vegetarian I won't even get into what lampredotto is) while me and Matilde looked around at street life.

A rare sight. Florence is so much more beautiful without people (or just a few) in the streets.

This bar is an amazing place. It's right near where we live and you can have a pasta dish for just 5 euros AND eat it inside this lovely garden. I went here for lunch with Matilde some days ago enjoying pici alla carettiera and ravioli with zucchini and mint for Matilde.
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