friday faves from instagram - now with words!

It's been kind of a slow week for me on Instagram, so I only have a few pics to share with you. To compensate I will start to add a few words to every photo. After all these are pics from my everyday life, and, who knows, it might interest someone what's actually in them :-)

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Black and white cityscape from Florence taken on one of our many walks around the city. My man was eating a typical Florentine panino con lampredotto (as a vegetarian I won't even get into what lampredotto is) while me and Matilde looked around at street life.

A rare sight. Florence is so much more beautiful without people (or just a few) in the streets.

This bar is an amazing place. It's right near where we live and you can have a pasta dish for just 5 euros AND eat it inside this lovely garden. I went here for lunch with Matilde some days ago enjoying pici alla carettiera and ravioli with zucchini and mint for Matilde.


  1. Great impressions! Our next trip in summer is toscana-florence :-)!
    Wish you a wonderful weekend,

  2. Wonderful! I hope you will find some tips to Florence on the blog :-)

    Ps: I am so in love with your beach pics form the other day :-)

  3. Beautiful photos. I just visited Rome for the first time and I fell in love with the city. So much life and personality in that city! Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you at The Hive.

  4. I just realised these photos are of Florence and not Rome (sorry...I read in your "About me" about living in Rome for a decade). In any case...Florence and Rome are both gorgeous cities just like these photos!

  5. Yes, I live in Florence but my heart is still very much in Rome :-) Rome is the most beautiful city in the world! Thank you so much for commenting.


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