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So, as promised yesterday I will tell you about my latest discovery in Florence. First you should know that I have been complaining about the lack of parks in this city for the past 12 months, in other words since I arrived here from Rome (which by the way is the European capital with the biggest total green area!).

Yes, we have Giardino di Boboli, which is beautiful (and has free entrance for residents), but which isn't the most child friendly place, since there are no playgrounds and everything is a bit museum-like. Also it is quite far from where we live, so it hasn't really been an option to go there with the baby.

But some weeks ago I heard someone mention a park near Piazza della Libertà, which should be quite nice. I knew absolutely nothing about it, but since it was just a small walk from where we live, I decided to check it out.

I was completely overwhelmed. Giardino dell' Orticoltura is not just a park. It's an AMAZING, beautiful and perfect park! Sure, compared to Villa Ada and Villa Pamphili in Rome, this is just a lawn, but hey, for Florence standards, this is really brilliant.

The park is surrounded by beautiful houses, it's completely closed, except for the entrances of course, so it's a safe place to bring children. It has a great playground, a lovely outdoor cafe where you can even have lunch, and the most beautiful gigantic Tepidarium (greenhouse).

We hung around for about an hour, Matilde enjoying the swings, I taking photographs and finally sharing a smoothie at the cafe.

This place is nothing less than magic.

Via Bolognese 17.
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