jægersborggade | copenhagen

Copenhagen is full of special streets. Small streets of just a few hundred metres but which have so much atmosphere, life and "personality" that they seem like real neighborhoods.

One of them is Jægersborggade. This street is so particular and intimate that it has its own website!

You find Jægersborggade in the middle of Nørrebro right in front of the famous cemetery Assistens Kirkegård. There are about 40 stores in the small street, where you can buy everything from food, wine, clothes, second hand clothes for children, music, wellness products, ceramics, jewellery and much much more. The street is also home to several cafes and the atmosphere is wonderful and very relaxed. As a matter of fact it seems like time stands still in Jægersborggade, and you kind of feel like you are completely outside the rest of the world.

This is a place for artists: photographers, designers and many other creative people. The entrepreneurial spirit lives very well in this street where you need only to worry about three things: Eating, shopping and relaxing, in other words: LIFE. During summertime the streets turns into a farmers market every Saturday, and the first Thursday of every month shops and cafes stay open until until late with several special events. This is the real Copenhagen and something to absolutely not miss out on.

Jægersborggade. www.jaegersborggade.dk

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