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First of all, you know how I rarely ask questions in my posts? I have this blog philosophy that I don't like to ask questions just to ask them and get some comments. If I ask my readers something, it's because I really would like to know what they think about a certain topic. Today's post is about one of these topics. So make sure to comment and share your experience and opinion on what I'm about to write!

You know what I need to? I need to take less photos. Yes, you heard me right. Less photos. And I need to clean up my Lightroom catalog. And delete. Delete, delete, delete. I have a really bad habit when I take pictures. I love taking pictures so badly that when I am in a new place or when I see something, I think will make a beautiful photo, I kind of go into panic and just shoot away like a madman. I am so terrified that I will miss out on something, that I will come home from a vacation without having documented all photogenic places in that new place, that I will not get the perfect angle of a flower, the perfect expression of a child, or the perfect fall of light in an outdoor location. Therefore I just shoot away in order to make sure that at least one photo will be just as I want it to be.

When I was about to get on the plane from Berlin to Copenhagen after five days of vacation and conference, I had almost 800 photos on my computer. EIGHTHUNDRED. Do you think they were 800 gorgeous photos? Nope. Half of them were deleted immediately. 

Today where I have finished editing, I'm down to a little under 200 photos. Many of them aren't good enough to show, so I could probably easily be fine with even less photos. At the same time editing these photos was a living hell for me. Usually the editing process is my favorite thing, but in this case it was just stressful, hard and annoying. Too many photos to choose from, too many similar photos, where you have to browse through maybe 30-40 almost identical pics of the same thing trying to figure out which ones to keep and edit.

Another negative thing which comes with this "desperate" photo behavior of mine is that I don't do my best. Because I know that I will have so many photos to choose from, when I come home, I don't concentrate enough while taking every single photo. And that is of course both ironic and stupid.

Some of my best photos are single photos, meaning that I came home with only one photo of a certain building/cat/flower/landscape etc. and that photo turned out to be just perfect. This tells me that because I only took one photo I was doing my best at that very moment. That is how a photo should be taken!

So I have made a new rule for myself: Only photograph things which will actually make a great photo and when doing so only take a few pics, but do your outmost to make those pictures perfect.

Maybe there is also a positive psychological effect in coming home, importing your pics to lightroom and see 50 great photos instead of 300 so so photos. I think it will do me good :-)

And now, back to Lightroom. See I still have quite a few photos to edit ... and delete. 
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