03 June 2012

ub | florence

From the outside you can only see one room, but inside this charming shop everything appears to be much bigger than what it seems from the outside. 

So what is ub about? ub is first of all a lot of funny and beautiful vintage objects from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Old suitcases, furniture, clocks and much more. But once you've reached the last room in the back you realize that this is also a shop with a history. In here you are met by an impressive sight from the hundreds or thousands of rolls of old "carta da parati" (wallpaper) which are placed on the shelves covering the walls from floor to ceiling. In fact this used to be an old Florentine wallpaper shop, and if you look up to the right you can see the old sign from the shop with the words "carta da parati".

ub also sells old furniture which has been remodernized, e.g. the very charming stools made in colorful wood and if you have a special request for a special piece of furniture, do not hesitate to ask, as the shop offers individually produced designs.

If the door is open, you should remember to have a peek into the charming courtyard, which belongs to the shop.

Via de' Conti 4r. T. +39 055 214884 www.ubfirenze.it

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