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I am very much in love with the works of the American architect Richard Meier, who has given Rome more than one beautiful piece of architecture.

In the center of Rome, Meier has given the Emperor Augustus' peace altar Ara Pacis a refreshing boost in the form of a new pavilion. Inside the pavilion is also a new museum, which houses temporary exhibitions of modern art. Ara Pacis had been closed to the public for some time, but reopened with Meier's pavilion and the new museum in 2006. The modern architecture has been met with some criticism, since a lot of people have the idea, that it doesn’t fit in with the traditional Roman architecture. Personally, I love Meier's Ara Pacis and the idea of letting an antique building and a Roman tourist attraction mix with new architecture and changing exhibitions of modern art.

Lungotevere in Augusta / Via Tomacelli. www.arapacis.it


  1. Such delightful pics - jeg elsker det med cyklen,
    God dag - Knus Axx

  2. gorgeous images, love the second one


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