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I'm off to Copenhagen but I will leave you with one more post from Pigneto in Rome.

Bar Necci's history dates back to 1924, when the place opened up as a bar and milk sales. Necci is famous for having had a role in the Italian poet and filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolinis movie Accattone. Today, the place is a bar, cafe and restaurant. Here are lots of good things for a delicious lunch, and prices are low.

Necci consists of two rooms with an interior that is a mixture of old and new. All around inside are beautiful photographs which lead the thoughts back to la dolce vita in the fifties, and rows of white shelves are filled with bottles of wine. When the weather is good, the wooden benches and tables outside are filled up.

Necci stays open until 2 am, and you can easily spend all the night here, especially during the summer when the outdoor area is amazing.

Via Fanfulla da Lodi 68 T. +39 06 97601552 www.necci1924.com

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