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Leave the ancient Rome for a few hours and take the metro to suburban neighborhood EUR, which was built under Mussolini for a world exhibition, which should have been held in 1942 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fascist march on Rome, but never got to be held because of World War II.

EUR is an abbreviation of Esposizione Universale Romana, and the area is an absolute must see for people interested in architecture, but others should also dedicate a few hours to this place, which shows a very different Rome than the one, tourists usually experience.

The neighborhood was built according to fascist ideology and classical Roman city planning. Here are elements of Italian rationalism and neoclassicism. Here you will find the opposite of the historic Rome in the form of wide boulevards and monumental buildings. Discover the Square Colosseum, the modern Basilica SS Pietro e Paolo and the Congress Centre Palazzo dei Congressi. The buildings of EUR house many large corporate offices and several ministries.

Drink coffee with the young and trendy at Palombini or throw yourself in the grass by the lake and enjoy an ice cream from Giolitti. During summertime you can spend an afternoon by the pool in Piscina delle Rose and do not worry, the shopping opportunities also exist in EUR on the main street Viale Europe. The easiest way to get to EUR is by taking metro line B. Get off at EUR Palasport.

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