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When I first got to Florence a friend of mine had recommended that I should go visit a little park above the beautiful San Niccolò area on the "other" side of Arno. I had been complaining about Florence's lack of parks (especially now that I had a baby), and so she told me that this was a great place to take a little girl.

As soon as I turned right after the restaurant "Fuori Porta" and started to leave the more populated area of San Niccolò behind, I could feel the peace and quietness of this place. Suddenly I was on a little street surrounded by green on both sides and with a view to a beautiful and very Tuscan landscapes. A bit up the street was the park. Giardino di Carraia (also known as Giardino Piero Filippi).

The park is not big, but it's green and there is a fence all the way around, so it's quite safe for children. The playground is full of new and colorful equipment, and there are benches and tables, so you can easily have a picnic, here and the best thing: The place is so silent. No noise from the city reaches you here. Of course I should add that I was here on a Saturday around lunch time when the rest of Florence, except for a few teenagers hanging out at the park with me, was having their family lunch. Anyway, this is a wonderful place to relax, whether you are bringing a child or not. And afterwards you can have lunch, coffee or ice cream in the charming San Niccolò.

Via dell'Erta Canina.

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