11 August 2012

grom | rome and florence

If you had to choose only one unhealthy thing to eat for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Personally I have no doubts. I would choose ice cream. Or should I say gelato?

One thing which has really surprised me about Florence, and forgive me if I have mentioned this before, is the number of extremely great gelaterie - ice cream stores. In Rome I would always go to the same two or three different places, but here I have found so many fabulous ice cream makers.

Grom is actually not a Florentine ice cream store, but an Italian chain of stores, which you find in all major cities, including of course Rome, where the chain has three stores.

It's history began in 2003, when the first store opened in Turin, and since then the homemade ice cream, milk shakes and hot chocolate have become a huge success. The stores are famous for having long lines of clients outside in the streets waiting to get their "coppetta" or "cono" with special flavors such as Caramello al sale (caramel ice cream with pink Himalaya salt!), cinnamon ice cream or whatever is among the flavors of the month. 'Cause yes, every month Grom presents a different "menu" and the flavors follow the seasons, so you always find ice cream made with the season's ingredients.

I have to admit that Grom is not my number one ice cream store in Florence, but I do like the salty caramel ice cream and even though you do really have to stand in line in the street, service is really great, organized and fast, so don't let the hordes of people waiting outside scare you. You will quickly get to the counter and have your ice cream!

Florence: Via del Campanile at the corner of Via delle Oche. T. +39 055 216158
Rome: Via delle Maddalena 30A. T. +39 06 68210447 www.grom.it (Visit the website for more addresses)