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Did you read my post yesterday about Pigneto? Today I'm gonna tell you about one of those typical segret places, which are very well hidden in this Roman neighborhood.

Qui se magna is Roman dialect for “here you eat”, and so you do. This is a simple osteria with just a small number of tables, all covered with red and white paper tablecloths. You can choose to eat inside, or you can eat at one of the four tables outside, if you prefer a light breeze with your lunch or dinner.

The menu is Roman and homemade, and everything tastes heavenly. Here is both a permanent menu and the daily specials, which can be highly recommended. Start with a delicious pasta alla Mafiosa with tomato, eggplant and salted ricotta cheese. If you choose a main course, do remember one of the amazing "contorni" to accompany it. Caponata di verdure (vegetable ratatouille), or the amazing "carciofi e patate"- roasted potatoes and artichokes, which is delicious. Finish with one of the homemade desserts, which the waiter will list for you at the table, since they change every day and cannot be found on the menu.

Service is top notch, only local customers, and prices very reasonable.

Via del Pigneto 307a. T. +39 06 274803


  1. Did you take a pineapple tiramisu? :p

    1. You bet I did :-) (Although these pictures are a couple of years old, but I still remember it)


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