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It takes a great deal of bad sense of orientation to accidentally end up in Rome's new “in” neighborhood Pigneto. In other words, it is quite impossible to find the place, if you don’t know it exists.

Pigneto is located just outside Rome's city center, a little further than the Porta Maggiore on Via Prenestina. Tram number 19 goes there, but it's a good idea to also bring a map.

The neighborhood is not new in itself, but it has only become really popular during the recent years. Young artists and designers move out here, or they open up work studios. The street scene is dominated by punks, bohemians and immigrants, which makes the place even more charming. It is the combination of all kinds of people, good wine, good restaurants, special shops, arts and architecture which makes Pigneto unique.

The neighborhood is worth a visit both during daytime and after dark. In the mornings the pedestrian street Via del Pigneto is dedicated to a charming fruit and vegetable market. Here is a great opportunity to experience the local and quite unspoiled Roman market atmosphere. In the nights the same street is packed with young people who drink wine in the many wine bars, and the Romans come here to dine at the many excellent and very local restaurants.

You should primarily concentrate on the pedestrian street Via del Pigneto, but the small side streets and the extension of Via del Pigneto on the other side of the railway is also worth a visit.

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