san niccolò | florence

Have a look at these pics from Florence and tell me honestly: Doesn't it look nice? This series is from one of my absolute favorite areas in the city: San Niccolò.

I discovered the neighborhood accidentally one day I was out walking. You find this charming area full of cosy streets, great restaurants and bars on the "other" side of Arno, a bit to the left of Ponte Vecchio. The area is centered around a little piazza where most of the restaurants are, but if you want to see the really great part of San Niccolò you should pass through the ancient city wall, head up the hills and go for a walk along the beautiful Via dell'Erta Canina which will lead you up to a lovely garden and playground for kids, which I'm going to tell you more about tomorrow.

The symbol of San Niccolò is the big tower next to the river Arno, called Torre di San Niccolò.


  1. I love these posts from Italy - wanna swap locations ;O)
    Vi ses
    Knus Axx

  2. Hm... maybe some other time :-) But I am looking forward to Copenhagen next week. Ses snart :-)


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