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If you want to try something special and a little romantic, but still quite simple, you should have dinner at Da Lucia.

Da Lucia is located in a small vicolo, away from the crowded streets of Trastevere, and it's a must to bring the address and a map, if you want to find the place.

The amazing thing, besides the food, is the surroundings. When the weather is good, and you can eat outside, Da Lucia is the closest you get to a romantic Lady and the Tramp dinner. In the tiny Vicolo del Mattonato you will often find lots of Roman laundry above your head, which makes it the perfect romantic surroundings on a warm summer night in Rome. The menu includes few dishes, which is usually a good sign in Roman restaurants, and so it is Da Lucia. Everything in here is very Roman, very homemade and very delicious.

Vicolo del Mattonato 2. T. +39 06 5803601

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