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I owe you this post since the 6th of July when I posted some Instagrams from the Danish park/forest Dyrehaven, and again on the 18th of July when I posted these pics. Well, better late than never.

Dyrehaven is located outside Copenhagen in Klampenborg, which is right by the sea and a place to visit in itself. Klampenborg has a lovely beach called Bellevue, where you can swim and sunbathe, when summer arrives in Copenhagen, and in the middle of Dyrehaven lies the amusement park called Bakken, which is great if you have children.

Dyrehaven is a gigantic area. I think the most correct thing is to call it a park, but it is actually a forest. The park was originally a royal hunting area and you can still see the beautiful royal castle called Eremitageslottet (check out the above mentioned post from the 18th of July to see a photo of the castle).

Tradition requires a ride from the entrance near Klampenborg Station in a horse carriage all the way up to the castle or just to the amusement park. Kids love it and it can be a romantic thing to do for couples.

You can walk chilometers and chilometers, for hours and hours, you can watch all kinds of animals especially deers, and during winter time you can go slide riding in the so called Wolves' Valleys (Ulvedalene).

Dyrehaven is a magic place and something you shouldn't miss out on as a tourist in Copenhagen.

Dyrehaven: Dyrehaven 1. Bakken: Dyrehavevej 62. T. +45 39633544 www.bakken.dk

PS: As for the first photos I actually found the little blue guy sitting there on a piece of wood in the middle of the park. I took my photo without moving him and left him there. Thought some child might be happy to find him...


  1. Lovely photos - love the little blue guy! How funny that he should be out there ...

  2. Beautiful pictures, as usual on your blog! This park looks really nice, I will definitely go there for my future trip to Copenhagen :)


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