finally! my sweet rome is available as a book and ebook in english!

I'm so happy to announce that I have finally finished the English version of My Sweet Rome as a book. This means that you can already now buy it online through Blurb. The book is available as a soft cover pocket size travel guide or, if you want the digital and more economical version, you can go for the e-book, which can be downloaded for iPad, Iphone etc.

So what do you get?

My Sweet Rome is a travel guide to the local Rome. The book contains more than 150 places; restaurants, cafes, shops, parks, architecture, art and culture, neighborhoods and so much more. Focus is on the local areas in Rome, but you will also find chapters dedicated to the center and the little treasures hidden here.

The guide should not be seen as a complete travel guide to Rome. On the contrary it excludes all ordinary tourist attractions, which means that it is perfect as a supplement to ordinary travel literature, which on the other hand may not focus on the places you can read about in My Sweet Rome.

Finally the book is filled with less ordinary photos from Rome including a series of photos from the "other" Rome.

My Sweet Rome is for you, who want to discover the Rome of the Romans. As they say:

When in Rome... do as the Romans do.

I hope you will buy my book and enjoy it on your vacation to Rome!

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