goodbye rome, hello florence

Those of you who know a little bit about me, will think that the title of this post is pretty weird, since I already live in Florence and actually said goodbye to Rome more than a year ago.

Well, yesterday I said goodbye once again, and this time it felt different. A little bit more definite (although this is a word I prefer never to use) and happily not so sad.

To explain all this, I have to get a little personal.

I have been looking for a new apartment for me and my daughter for a couple of months now. Since we were going to move, I had considered the possibility of returning to Rome, which has always been where I felt most at home.

I have been traveling back and forth between the two cities several times in these months to look at apartments in Rome. At the same time I continued to look in Florence, because I wasn't sure if returning to Rome was really what I wanted. Another thing were the prices, which are way higher in Rome than in Florence. In short: There were many many pros and cons of both cities, and I kept changing my mind about where I wanted to stay.

The last days however my mind has been going still more towards Florence. And when yesterday I visited Rome once again to look at a couple of apartments I already knew it, that for now Rome is not my city. I want to stay here in Florence. Things are so much easier here and with a little child, this is really important. I have gotten used to the luxury of being able to walk around to everything, or to bike, I like that the city is not so noisy, that the traffic is bearable. And of course there is a series of other personal motives which make it an advantage for me to stay here.

I have to admit that since we moved here 15 months ago, I have constantly been dreaming a little about Rome, comparing Florence to Rome, thinking about all the good things about Rome, which I missed and didn't have in Florence. And I have always thought that I would some day return to Rome.

Now it's different. When I returned last night from Rome and stepped out from the station I felt like coming home. It felt really good, and I was happy that this is where I am going to stay. It took me some time to get used to everything, but I think I'm ready to settle down for real now in Florence. I'm not saying forever, but I'm saying for quite some time.

Rome will forever be the most beautiful city in the world, it will forever be "my" city and I don't think I am ever going to feel for Florence what I feel for Rome. But that's ok. Things change, and so do the things we find important about the places where we live.  After all Rome is Eternal. It won't go away, it won't change. It will still be there for me, whenever I want. That's good to know. And I think, for now, it's enough.

These Instagrams were taken when we left Roma Termini. I love that sight. I think it's one of the most beautiful parts of Rome (I'm not kidding!). The last photo was taken, when I stepped out from the station in Florence. It's the "Welcome home" photo :-)


  1. What a lovely post. So happy for you that you have found where you want to settle for awhile. Best of luck with finding an apartment in Florence :)

    1. Thank you so much Natasha! I'm very happy too :-)

  2. Sometimes it´s good to dream and have a goal, but realize that for the moment something else is better :-)
    (this became a really strange comment)


  3. Johanna Lövgren26 September, 2012 08:03

    Oh its me, Johanna that wrote that comment.

  4. lovely post!!!
    I lived in Florence last year, then I moved to Rome for my internship and when I finished with it I returned to Florence!!!
    Now sadly I'm back in my country, Mexico, missing 'la dolce vita' but I've read this post and I totally understand you!!!!
    Thanx for sharing your feelings...

  5. That's so nice, this feeling to be "at home". It means that you really found the city which fits you the best, where you're able to walk around thinking "I feel well and I want to live here".
    I have to admit that I had this same feeling in Copenhagen during my 4 month-stay there; for me, it was the sign meaning that I could really live in this city... maybe one day, who knows? :-)

    1. Hi Marie, sorry for the late reply. I'm sure you will live in Copenhagen some day, if that's what you really want. Go for your dreams!


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