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Rome's new museum MAXXI is Italy's first national museum dedicated to contemporary art and architecture. The museum was designed by the renowned Iranian architect Zaha Hadid and consists of MAXXI Arte and MAXXI architettura.

Besides the two museums MAXXI has an auditorium, a library, a bookstore, a cafeteria, laboratories and more.

The museum, which covers a total area of 29.000 m2, is worth a visit just for its architecture. Viewed from the outside we are basically talking about a large and bare block, but once you get inside, you are met by large open spaces with lots of light and geometric, fluid shapes, staircases which seem to float in space and a minimalist style, which is limited to glass, steel and cement, and the colors black, white and red.

The part of the museum dedicated to architecture is overwhelming. Just when you think you've seen it all, you discover that the museum continues and opens up into more and even bigger exhibition spaces. In here you can spend so much time without even realizing it.

Via Guido Reni 4a. T. +39 06 39967350 www.fondazionemaxxi.it

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