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I have had these pics on my computer for years. They were taken long before I got Photoshop, so it was a real pleasure when I started editing them last night in order to share a post about this fabulous piece of architecture in Rome.

In a city like Rome, where antiquity is so dominant, it's refreshing when new and more modern architecture emerges. It is the American architect Richard Meier, who has created the Jubilee Church, whose real name is Chiesa del Dio Padre Misericordioso. The church is called the Jubilee Church, since it was built on the occasion of the Catholic Church's Jubilee, which took place in 2000. It requires quite a journey to reach the church, located in one of Rome's less charming suburban neighborhoods, but believe me, it's all worth it. The church was built in Meier's traditional style with simple lines and lots of white. This style is repeated inside, and it is a relief to step into Meiers world where everything is kept in bright colors, and where the natural light is pouring in from the large windows. The church is located in the area called Tor Tre Teste. Take metro A to Subaugusta and grab a taxi from there.

Largo Terzo Millennio 8-9. www.diopadremisericordioso.it

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