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When I was an erasmus student in Florence more than 12 years ago (!) for some strange reason I rarely went to really good restaurants. Maybe because of our limited budgets as students or maybe because we lived in the center of Florence, and thus rarely moved outside the more traditional Florentine areas to the more local neighbourhoods. One night however, we did.

I remember this evening very well. It was an extremely warm summer night after an even warmer summer day. We walked four people from Piazza della Signoria across the Arno, through Santo Spirito to Piazza Tasso, where some Italian insiders had told us to make reservations at Tranvai, which should be very local and very good.

Now I can't remember the details from our dinner that night, but I do remember that we were more than satisfied. The combination of eating fabulous homemade food outside in the street at small wooden tables on a warm summer night among locals and in an area, where we had never been before, was nothing less than fantastic and so different from anything else, we had tried.

I have been to Al Tranvai twice since then, and I have never been disappointed. This is the classic teeny tiny local restaurant, where you can only choose from a small number of dishes but it doesn't matter, since everything is delicious and made with love. This is the Tuscan kitchen when it's best.

Ps: I'm saying local, but of course tourists have also discovered Al Tranvai, so don't be disappointed, if you are not the only one there.

Piazza T. Tasso 14r. T. +39 055 225197 www.altranvai.it


  1. amazing photos on your blog!!
    would love to visit Florence one day :)

    ♥, Jo
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