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As a tourist you will probably not buy a bike in Rome, but if are you here for a long time, a bike is a great thing to have, despite the fact that you may find it somewhat risky to bike in the Roman traffic. Of course one should take care, but the truth is, that the Romans are very aware in the traffic of both pedestrians and to a certain extent also cyclists, and on Sundays large parts of the historic center are completely closed to car traffic, so cyclists have the best opportunities to enjoy a day on the bike.

If you need to buy a bike, there is one place in particular you must visit: Collalti Bici. The Collalti family has made and sold bicycles since 1899, so they have a lot of experience in the field. Collalti bikes are very pretty. They are simple, such as cream-colored or black and are available from 200 euros and upwards, which is a very reasonable price. You can also rent bikes at Collalti, if you're in Rome for a short period.

I love biking. You get around very quickly to everything, and you experience the city in a completely different way on a bicycle. You become part of it, which is a fantastic feeling.

Via del Pellegrino 82. T. +39 06 68801084 www.collaltibici.com

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