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Today I will share some great restaurants and places where you can just grab a quick bite in the area around Campo dei Fiori, Piazza Navona and Pantheon. Remember to also check out my guide to great shopping places in this area. Buon appetito!

The Perfect Bun

Rome has its own American burger restaurant. The Perfect Bun it is called, and here you can satisfy your need for a good burger. You can order the famous sandwich in numerous variations. In addition to burgers (which are of course served with french fries), there are also Mexican dishes on the menu such as nachos, burritos, fajitas, etc.

The decor is fantastic. You can either sit down in the big room under an old board from an airport, which announces the arrival times for several airplanes, or you can choose to have an overview of everything from the tables on the second floor. On Sundays you can have brunch at The Perfect Bun, and the place is also popular for an aperitivo.

Largo del Teatro Valle 4 T. +39 06 45476337 www.theperfectbun.it


Ditirambo is a great place when you want to eat in the heart of Rome, be sure that the quality is good and not be completely ruined. The decor is as you would expect a classic Roman restaurant to be. Here are dark wooden tables and chairs, green tablecloths and an old wooden ceiling. The place is nice.

The menu offers a vast selection of great dishes. Try the whole grain pasta with asparagus and porcini mushrooms, and as a starter, you can choose from all sorts of goodies, including many vegetable dishes. Ditirambo also has the most delicious desserts. Try for example the pistachio ice cream with black peppercorns or zabaione creme, served with assorted chocolates. The clientele is a good mix of locals and tourists.

Prices are slightly above average, but you're also guaranteed quality and big portions for your money.

Piazza della Cancelleria 75. T. +39 06 6871626 www.ristoranteditirambo.it

Le Piramidi

Just because you are in Rome, you don't have to eat pizza and pasta every day. Everyone can feel for a falafel. Le Piramidi is one of the best places for Arabic takeaway. Here are Egyptian and Lebanese dishes on the menu, and it involves much more than just a classic kebab.

Here are exotic things like sambusa and misakaa, here's cous cous and rice dishes, and finally you can choose from several delicious sauces to accompany your meals. Also remember to get a dessert. The place has a large selection of sweets from the Arab world. Le Piramidi is fantastic and it's very cheap.

Vicolo del Gallo 11. T. +39 06 60664416


Pierluigi is a classic among Roman restaurants, which I like very much. To be honest it is not so much the restaurant, but the location. Well, food is top notch, there's nothing to complain about here, but the really special thing about eating at Pierluigi is Piazza de' Ricci, where the restaurant is located.

The square is only open in one end, so you get to eat almost entirely surrounded by beautiful Roman palazzi, and almost no traffic. On a warm summer night, under the Roman sky, with great food and cool white wine, where the sun might still burn on your body after a long day at the beach ... on such a night at Pierluigi everything is just perfect.

Piazza de’ Ricci 144. T. +39 06 6861302 www.pierluigi.it

Da Tonino

In Via del Governo Vecchio, you find the little trattoria Da Tonino. In here you should order a portion of pasta. Prices are very reasonable and portions are big. Try for example the fabulous pasta con le melanzane (pasta with eggplant and tomato) or pasta con fagioli (pasta with beans, served as a kind of soup, which tastes like heaven).

You can also choose one of the daily specials, which can be e.g. pasta con ceci (with chickpeas). Besides this, the menu also lists several main dishes and delicious desserts. It is Roman, simple and very good.

Via del Governo Vecchio 18-19. T. +39 3335870779

Da Francesco

Da Francesco is a good choice, when you want a simple evening in Rome in pleasant surroundings without having to spend too much money. Here you can get good pizzas and pastas and main dishes.

One of the best things about the place are the surroundings, since Da Francesco is located on the charming Piazza del Fico behind Piazza Navona. The place is especially beautiful during summertime, where you can dine outside in the square. The restaurant is usually quite full, and you may have to wait a little to get a table, but it is part of the charm, and the beautiful surroundings with plenty of life makes the waiting okay.

Piazza del Fico 29. T. +39 06 6864009

Il Forno

In the area around Pantheon, there are three places that will always be in my heart. When I was 19, I moved to Rome for the first time, where I lived with a family in Via del Seminario, and there were three places in my local area, which I kept visiting again and again, and where I still come back to when I'm in Rome. At Tazza d'oro, I had my breakfast at the bar counter, at Cremeria Monteforte I ate a not insignificant number of ice creams, and at Il Forno in Via dei Pastini, I bought pizza bianca and pizza rossa.

Il Forno is a small grocery store with an oven in the back room. The place is famous for its white pizza (plain pizza with no fillings), which is wonderfully crispy, perfectly salted and hot. If you want some more flavor and color, you can choose the red version, pizza rossa, which is pizza with tomato sauce. Pizzas are purchased as slices by weight. At Il Forno you can also order a simple sandwich and finally the place has a delicious selection of homemade cakes and other sweets.

Via dei Pastini 126.


Maccheroni is one of those newer Italian restaurants, that mixes modern interior design with a bit of rustic and some good old classic Roman cuisine. Here you can follow the work of the chefs in the open kitchen through the large glass windows. Maccheroni is located on the charming Piazza della Coppelle near Pantheon, and during summer it’s wonderful to sit at one of the tables outside, but Maccheroni is also a place where people are happy to eat inside, because of the nice decor. The food is top notch.

Piazza delle Coppelle 44. T. +39 06 68307895 www.ristorantemaccheroni.com


  1. I would add Forno Roscioli in via dei Chiavari. Fantastic pizza and great take-away. A couple of years ago, they even won the Best Carbonara Competition, beating some of the best restaurants in town. :-)

    1. Massimo, you are too quick for me :-) I already have Roscioli ready but it's going to be in a separate post. I agree, it's amazing.

  2. This is why you're an awesome travel blogger - FAB pics and I want to come to Italia,


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