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It is hardly necessary to introduce anyone to Campo de' Fiori, Piazza Navona or Pantheon. These are three of the main squares in Rome, and any tourist will sooner or later come across them during their stay.

However, not everybody knows of or manage to find some of the best shopping streets with plenty of good cafes, which are located in the areas around these three squares. Most important are the streets Via del Governo Vecchio (which is filled with vintage shops for those who have the courage to search for scoops between all the old stuff), Via dei Banchi Nuovi, Via dei Coronari (with lots of antique shops), Via del Pellegrino and Via dei Banchi Vecchi.

But also all the other even smaller streets, located in the areas around here, are worth a visit. Don't be afraid of getting lost. After many years in Rome, I am still unable to find my way in these small streets and I often get lost, but the good thing is that every time this happens, I discover a new shop or a cafe, I didn't know of. So throw yourself into it and explore life and the city.

Below are my absolute favorite shops in this area. Soon to come a second post about eating and drinking around Campo de' Fiori, Piazza Navona and Pantheon.

Josephine de Huertas & Co. enfant

Since I have become a mum I am not surprisingly paying a lot more attention to stores that sell cute children's clothes.

This little store is entirely dedicated to children, selling the coolest, cutest and most chic clothes, teddy bears, toys -even jewelry for children. For young as well as elder children the labels include Cordelia de Castellane and Bonton, and babies can enjoy trendy stuff from Le Marquise de la Borne, Paradise Blanc and the Papillon collection from Bonton.

The store is so beautiful and all the things so terribly cute, that I believe it will be very hard not to shop like a crazy woman (mum) in here.

Via di Parione 19/20. T. +39 06  68300156 www.josephinedehuertas.com

Josephine de Huertas & Co.

Fortunately Josephine de Huertas & Co. also has stores for the mums. Every shop has its own style and you can find gorgeous clothes from See by Chloé, Paul & Joe, Kristina Ti, Missoni Sport, Repetto and Seven Jeans. The shop in no. 68 in Via del Governo Vecchio sells brands like Paul Smith, Michael Kors, Alberta Ferretti and Joseph.

Via del Governo Vechio 68+59. T. +39 06 6876586 www.josephinedehuertas.com

La Chiave

La Chiave has a little bit of everything from around the world. If you need to buy a small gift to bring back home from Rome, this may very well be the place, where you can quickly find something. Prices are even extremely reasonable. Here's everything from hammocks, pottery, toys, jewelry, bags, notebooks, candles and incense to doormats, rugs and small pieces of furniture. The shop is not particularly Italian, more multi-ethnic, but there is plenty to choose from, and it's great fun to just look around.

Largo delle Stimmate 28. T. +39 06 68308848


One of my favorite clothing stores in Rome is Empresa. Empresa is a small shop, and there are two of them for women and three for men. Besides clothes in a wonderful boho style, Empresa also sells beautiful purses and jewelry and other accessories. Empresa has several different brands, but they especially have many things from the cool Italian brand RA-RE. Furthermore you will find clothes from Nolita, Hoss and Dondup. Remember to also visit the outlet in Via Campo Marzio.

Via dei Giubbonari 101/102. T. +39 06 68805255 Outlet: Via Campo Marzio 9a/10. T. +39 06 6794093  www.empresa.it


In Via dei Baullari there are several great shoe shops. The best one is Loco. The store is small, and they do not have everything, but there are many great shoes. Loco sells cool sneakers, crazy boots and stilettos, and the classic Hunter wellies.

Via de’ Baullari 22. T. +39 06 68808216


Sole is a small clothing store with lots of good stuff. Here is a little bit of everything: jeans, great jackets, dresses, beautiful cardigans, sweaters and more. The store has many things from the Italian brand Daniele Alessandrini, and the style is cool and dares a little more, so if you are after something more special, this is where you need to stop by.

Via de’ Baullari 21. T. +39 06 68806987

Libreria del viaggiatore

This tiny bookstore is exclusively dedicated to travel literature . Here you will of course find everything you need within travel guides and maps ahead of your trip, but not only. "The traveler's bookstore" sells novels by famous travelers such as Hemingway, and of course you can buy your own Moleskine notebook in here, so you can take notes, as you explore the world. The bookstore is charming and romantic, and you immediately want to buy something.

Via del Pellegrino 78. T. +39 06 68801048

Officina Erboristeria degli Angeli

I love this organic shop in Via del Pellegrino. The owner Carla opened the shop in 1983, and over time it has evolved into to selling everything from beauty products such as Weleda and Dr. Hauscka to freshly baked bread, vegetables, pastries, and herbs. You can also buy tea and spices by weight. The place has an especially good supply of organic foods, which makes Officina Erboristeria degli Angeli better than similar stores in Rome. Here's everything from pasta, rice, pesto, tofu and soy milk to juices, cakes, candy, etc. If you are a health freak or simply aware of what you put in and on your body, drop by Carla's shop and shop yourself healthy.

Via del Pellegrino 169. T. +39 06 6896054

Te e Teiere

Te e Teiere is a great tea shop in Rome. The name is Italian for tea and teapots, and it must be said to be quite appropriate for the store's assortment. In addition to tea and teapots, you can buy lots of lovely tea mugs. The tea comes from Asian countries like China, Japan, India and Vietnam, but also South Africa is a supplier of tea to the small shop. The selection of teapots and mugs is impressive, and there are many really beautiful ones. A wonderful store that can make even the most dedicated coffee drinker choose a cup of hot green tea.

Via del Pellegrino 85. T. +39 06 6868824 www.teeteiere.it


It's no secret that I love books and bookstores. Both the huge mega stores, where you can find everything, and the smaller, more original places, full of atmosphere. Odradek falls into this last category. Odradek’s name comes from Kafka's “The cares of a family man." The shop is located in an old Italian-Russian association, and the place has actually kept some rare editions of Russian literature and science books in their original language. Odradek hosts a number of alternative cultural events, and on the shelves you will find more specialized books, often works by less famous writers, who do not have the opportunity to be published and sold through major bookstores. The back of the store is often used for book presentations, author talks and much more.

Via dei Banchi Vecchi 57. T. +39 06 6833451 www.odradek.it


Between Pantheon and Piazza Navona is a little art, poster, and postcard shop, by far the best if you want to bring home some memories from Rome in the form of a poster or just some original postcards. L'Image has a good selection of posters, lithographs, prints and paintings. The best thing about the store is the beautiful postcards with pencil drawings of small Roman details such as Vespas or a Fiat '500s. Maybe not so original, but definitely prettier than the traditional tourist postcards, and something you could actually imagine having in your home.

Via della Scrofa 67. T. +39 06 6864050


Barton's is a fabulous clothing store, which you find several of in Rome. One is located in Via della Scrofa, and here you should stop by, if you're looking for classic clothes in good quality, but not too boring. The shop has several good brands like Hoss and the Italian Dondup, which is especially famous for their jeans. The shop also sells beautiful bags, and you also find other interesting accessories like belts, jewelry and beautiful scarves.

Via della Scrofa 34/35. T. +39 06 6869885

L'Autre Chose Boutique

The Italian brand L'Autre Chose was started by Alfredo Boccaccini, and it is part of the family owned business Boccaccini, which has existed since 1959. The brand is particularly known for its fantastic shoes and boots. After the Italian designer Michela Casadei joined Boccaccini, L'Autre Chose now also includes a collection of clothes, which is equally amazing. The L'Autre Chose boutique opened in Rome in 2008 and it is the first store in Italy, who sells the great brand.

Piazza Campo Marzio 9-12. T. +39 06 6878542 www.boccaccini.it


  1. OMG I die a little when I see these pics, you're the best and I want to live in Italy :)

  2. Excellent work… Really an excellent work! :)
    The photos are absolutely marvellous, having inside not the typical panoramic view of Rome, but the feeling of the REAL Rome, with its corners, its streets, its loving details.
    It’s fantastic to find someone so in love with my city to spend the time to celebrate it.
    Thanks, really.
    I REALLY would like to have you as my personal guest during one of our Tour Guides in Rome. This is our site, hoping that can be interesting for you:
    We organize private Guided Tours in Rome and Vatican. I think that I'll be able to show you some secret corner of Rome, that you don't know and that can be of inspiration for you.
    Think about it for you next holiday in Rome…:)
    And thanks again for your marvellous pics. :)

    1. Thank you very much, Vincenzo. I will keep your invitation in mind for my next visit to Rome :-)


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