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The neighborhood Rione Monti (or just Monti) is one of Rome's absolute nicest. The central area is Piazza Madonna dei Monti. Start on the cafe in the square, La Bottega del Caffè, with a cappuccino or a glass of prosecco, if it’s aperitivo time, and then begin to explore the small picturesque and very Roman streets.

The neighborhood is filled with cozy wine bars, cafes and restaurants, and there are also good opportunities for shopping in the smaller and more specialized stores. Monti is also filled with old traditional craft shops.

Besides Piazza Madonna dei Monti you should explore places in Via del Boschetto, Via degli Zingari, Via Urbana, Via Panisperna and Via dei Serpenti. And remember to bring your camera. Monti is one of Rome's most photogenic neighborhoods. This is where you get the best pictures of the Roman details. 

Below are some of my favorite shops and cafes in Monti. You will soon find more posts about great places in Monti.

La Bottega del Caffé

This is definitely the cafe in Monti with the best location. With tables in Piazza Madonna dei Monti it doesn’t get any better. So never mind that the food isn’t the best in town. On the other hand it is not the worst either, and you always leave fully satisfied. La Bottega del Caffè is perfect for breakfast, lunch or just a coffee break. It is best to sit outside, where you can follow life in the square, but the cafe is also really cosy inside. They sell several different light lunches: salads, omelets and pasta. Note however that pasta, pizza and main courses (secondi) are premade frozen products. It is listed on the menu with a little star, so it's not like it’s a secret.

Piazza Madonna dei Monti 5. T. +39 06 4741578


In Piazza Madonna dei Monti you should visit the shop B. In here you will find beautiful tops and wide cotton trousers, beautiful scarves and lots of jewelry. Here are brands such as Almeria and Crea Concept. Prices are quite expensive, but it's worth it. A wonderful store which also from a point of interior is super charming with the little wooden bench outside on the square. Remember that you find B's outlet just around the corner in Via dei Serpenti.

Piazza Madonna dei Monti 1. T. +39 06 47826335. Outlet: Via dei Serpenti 161

Al vino al vino

Al vino al vino is one of Montis many great wine bars, where you should enjoy at least one glass of good red wine during your stay in Rome. The owners of Al vino al vino are Sicilians, which shines through on the menu, where among other things you find a delicious homemade Sicilian caponata. The room is of course filled with wine bottles, a wonderful jazz music plays in the background, and the atmosphere is simply fantastic.

Via dei Serpenti 19. T. +39 06 485803


lol might be Montis best store, and there are two of them! At lol you will find beautiful silver jewelry, the hottest bags, cool sunglasses and endless amounts of beautiful, beautiful clothes. The quality is top notch, only the best materials. Here are fine tank tops, cashmere sweaters, cool jeans and jackets, long dresses from Hoss and a small selection of shoes and boots. The store is located in an attractive open space shop, with large windows towards Piazza degli Zingari.

Piazza degli Zingari 11 / Via Urbana 89. T. +39 06 4814160

Ai tre Scalini

Monti offers several enoteche (wine bars) and Ai tre Scalini is without doubt one of the most popular. In here they have served wine since 1895, and the place is filled with history and atmosphere. Here young and old gather for the Italian aperitivo after work. The place is open after midnight and is very popular for night owls. It can be difficult to get a table, but if you come early in evening, you have better chances. You can come here before a dinner and enjoy a glass of good red wine, or you can choose to eat here. The place has several dishes on the menu, which changes every day. The best thing to do in a place like Ai tre Scalini is to combine the red wine with a "Misto di Salumi e formaggi" which is a plate of cheese and charcuterie.

Via Panisperna 251. T. +39 06 48907495 www.aitrescalini.org


If you are into an oriental inspired decor, you must stop by Estremi in Via del Boschetto. This small shop sells antique furniture in dark or white painted wood, here are Indian rugs, bedspreads and much more. Some things are a little special, but you can find many good things. Estremi also sells ethnic jewelry and lots of other things for the home.

Via del Boschetto 2/a. T. +39 06 4744001

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