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San Lorenzo is a former working class district, which today is mainly occupied by Rome's many university students. In San Lorenzo you find the La Sapienza university, and the neighbourhood is filled with all kinds of people, lots of bars, restaurants and alternative shops. The high concentration of young people and students does not make the place less boring.

If you want to experience a part of the local Rome without having to go too far away from the center, San Lorenzo is perfect, even if you just want to walk around the streets. On top of this, the place is filled with great restaurants, cafes and wine bars with very reasonable prices. San Lorenzo also has its own local fruit and vegetable market, which is full of genuine Roman atmosphere.

Below you find some of my favorites places in San Lorenzo. Don't forget to also read the post about the old chocolate factory SAID in San Lorenzo. Have fun!

Formula Uno

One of Rome's most simple, yet best pizzerias is located in San Lorenzo. Formula Uno is one of the very Roman places where the pizzas are just as fabulous as the decor is bad. In here everything superfluous is eliminated. Only the food counts. Do not choose Formula Uno, if you're looking for a quiet evening with your boy/girlfriend and a romantic candlelight dinner. Formula Uno is noisy, placemats are made of paper, glasses are no longer transparent after too many visits in the dishwasher. Service is fine, but everything is going very fast. This is not a place, where you stay for hours. Here you eat, and then you leave. Other guests need your table. You should try Formula Uno, if you want the real Roman atmosphere and great pizzas. Do not forget to taste the fantastic supplì (fried rice balls with mozzarella cheese) and the bruschette. And at the end of your meal you should try the homemade tiramisù. Did I forget to mention that everything is cheap? It is.

Via degli Equi 13. T. +39 06 4453866


In Via dei Piceni lies the small book café, Baràbook, which as the name suggests, is bar and books mixed together. The place screams good atmosphere, and you immediately want to hang out in here for hours, maybe with some good red wine and a book. The decor is retro naturally mixed with lots of shelves filled with books. In the middle of the room is a long wooden table surrounded by different chairs. Enjoy the homemade cous cous or other, often vegetarian delights of the place. The clientele is of the intellectual, easy going type. Baràbook is bookstore, cocktails, aperitivo and cafe. This is where you hang out with friends, this is where you enjoy good wine, and this is where you go out at night, when there are DJs, readings and much more ...

Via dei Piceni 23. T. +39 06 96043014

L'Anatra all'arancia

L'Anatra all'arancia is in my opinion, San Lorenzo's best store. Although it is mainly clothes that are sold in here, it resembles a kind of mini oncept store. Here you can find beautiful jewelry from French Serge Thoraval, great purses, lots of Repetto ballerinas and the beautiful perfumes from the French brand L'Artisan Parfumeur. As to the clothes you will find brands like Antik Batik, See by Chloé and Almeria.

Via Tiburtina 105. T. +39 06 4456293

Libreria Giufà

Libreria Giufà is yet another one of Rome's, and San Lorenzo's, cozy book cafes. The place is small, but the shelves are packed with books. Here is a small café, which serves coffee, tea and cake, and later in the day you can enjoy a glass of wine here. And there is lots of atmosphere. Giufà is a book café with a social and cultural responsability. This means that focus is on small publishers of independent cultural projects and much more. As to the literature there is a little bit of everything, both Italian and international writers, lots of comics and books about art and cinema. Finally, the cafe hosts book presentations and exhibitions.

Via degli Aurunci 38. T. +39 06 44361406 www.libreriagiufa.it

Enoteca Ferrazza

San Lorenzo's most famous wine bar is definitely Enoteca Ferrazza. This is where students, artists, and many others gather for aperitivo or dinner. Here is a buffet from 19.00 pm with various cold dishes such as pasta and vegetable pies, an infinite number of wines (more than 2000), nice lounge music and plenty of atmosphere. Enoteca Ferrazza is located in the heart of San Lorenzo, so there are always plenty of people.

Via dei Volsci 59. T. +39 06 490506


  1. San Lorenzo is one of my favorite parts of Roma! So glad you featured it. (Porca Vacca is my favorite pizza place in that hood.) I found your blog a little while ago and simply adore your snaps of beloved Italia :) Lovely!

    1. Thank you! I'm happy you like the blog. And I agree that San Lorenzo is one of Rome's most interesting neighborhoods. I think I have been to Porca Vacca once, but I must admit that Formula Uno will always be my number one pizzeria in San Lorenzo :-)


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