the churches of the eternal city | rome

There are hardly any tourists in Rome who don’t go to visit Saint Peter's Basilica. Most of them also go and see San Giovanni in Laterano and Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore.

All three are definitely worth a visit, but I would recommend that you open your eyes to all the other less famous churches in town. There are so incredibly many churches in Rome. Often we don’t even notice them, because they are squeezed in between ordinary buildings. Therefore you may only see the facade, which is often quite anonymous, and in this way you just move on.

That's a shame, because the best churches in Rome are those, that do not attract tourists, and therefore are almost completely deserted on an ordinary day. I recommend that you go and visit these churches.  Here you can sit on a bench and enjoy the silence and the scent from the candles, have a break from street noise, chaos and stress, something which in a city like Rome can sometimes be badly needed. The churches are perfect for this. And they are everywhere. And free.

These photos are from Basilica di San Paolo taken on a rare day with only a few tourists.


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