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Today I am starting a new Sunday series on the blog, which will be a great mix of all the beautiful things, I come across during my week as a blogger, photographer and ordinary human being.

Every week there will be glimpses from my personal life, links to posts from favorite bloggers and photos from great photographers, random thoughts and lots of my own photography. These Sunday posts are supposed to hopefully provide some kind of general inspiration, but they will also be a little more personal than my usual posts are, so you can get to know a little more about me and my life :-)

Another reason why I have decided to do this series is, that I need to get back on track with my personal everyday photography. And I am not talking Instagram. I love Instragam (and I will continue to post Friday Faves from Instagram once in a while), but I also blame it for taking over my personal photography. It's time to bring back the Canon!

There will be no limits to this series, and I think it will be great fun to do it. I hope you will enjoy it and find it fun to read. Please note that contrary to my ordinary morning posts, these posts will pop up in the evening or late afternoon, so that I can also include glimpses from my Sunday :-)

Glimpses from my life this week:

My life is pretty crazy right now and it has been so for quite some time. I have a lot of work (which is good), I am about to move, but officially I still haven't got a place to live. I have changed my mind about apartments something like a 100 times this week, but I think and hope that some papers will be signed next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me...

I went here:

I had lunch at Vivanda, which is a great place for vegetarians and vegans.

Everything is organic and tastes great. I had coffee and bagels at Mama's Bakery in Santo Spirito. I had lunch twice at Caffe Rainer, which has recently started serving light dishes that are simple, economic and so delicious. Try the aubergine "meat"-balls with yoghurt creme and the fabulous toast with Taleggio cheese and grilled vegetables. Everything is accompanied by a fantastic salad with the best dressing. On Sundays Rainer also serves small breakfast plates with eggs, croissants, fresh orange juice and coffee. Finally I had several cups of coffee at Coccole e Cioccolato, which is a really cosy cafe with a great and friendly service.

This week I finally reconnected with my Canon and took hundreds of photos at the Botanical Garden in Florence. It felt so good. I haven't had time to edit all of them, but you can see a couple below and more HERE. I have said it before, but I will say it again: The Botanical Garden in Florence is a magical place. Do go and visit it.

Blog posts I loved:

Freunde von Freunden interviews. I first found out about Freunde von Freunden, when I heard them speak in Berlin earlier this year at The Hive blog conference. Since then I have been a big fan. I love reading their interviews and looking at their gorgeous photos of homes of creative people all over the world. They and the people they interview are a huge inspiration to me, and I sure wouldn't mind to become a photographer on one of their projects some day. Head over to their website and browse through the many interviews which are categorized by city.

Speaking about Freunde von Freunden I also very much enjoyed this mixtape by Johannes Kleske. The perfect chill out music for a nice relaxing evening at home or in company with good friends and redwine.

I have mentioned the blog The Sweet Light before on a dusty olive green. This week I fell in love with A. Jarrett's photos of her charming studio. Just look at that old wooden drawer full of polaroids...

This may seem a little exaggerated, but my stomach literally ached from enthusiasm when I discovered this blog Friday night this week. You should know that I have a huge bag addiction, especially towards the "big soft leather kind of bags", and for years I have been dreaming about Danish designer Yvonne Konés bags, which are the essence of the perfect bag to me. So when I found out that she has a blog, which combines gorgeous photography by Line Thit Klein with little stories from Konés everyday life and of course lots of photos of her amazing designs, I was nothing less than hooked. On top of everything the blog is beautiful and very well written. I am in love.

Photos I wish I had taken:

If you stop by The Sweet Light mentioned above, then don't miss out on this insanely beautiful photo.

I am dreaming of throwing myself into the art of polaroids. I just love them. I mean take a look at these by blogger and photographer Klodjana Dervishi. I am crazy in love with the dark one with the coffee cup on the table. Pure art if you ask me. Klodjana's blog on a roll is one of my favorite photo blogs right now. Check it out some time.

Another blog you should visit because of the lovely photographs is this one. I love how I am surprised by every single post from Rose and Crown. The photos are all so different, yet there is some kind of red line in all of them... I love it.

I have only been in New York once, but I am dreaming about going back soon. To visit the city, hang out in little cafes, shop like a madman, visit the galleries and museums, and of course take thousands of photos... Until then I will have to look at those taken by others. Like these by Twiggs Photography. Love them.

See you... 

I'll be back next Sunday with a new "this week" post. Hoping and praying that it will soon be my turn to lie in the sun, sleep and relax...

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