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If you recognize these pics, it is because I am making a repost of an old post with photos from Trastevere. I just filled it up with some favorite places from this neighborhood. 

It is said that the "real" Romans live in Trastevere, and some of these real Romans are probably still there, but tourism has largely taken over the otherwise very charming area. It is however still possible to find good places, and personally I never get tired of the sight, that meets me, when I step out onto the bridge Ponte Sisto to go directly into the heart of Trastevere. 

Bodum Roma Store

The Danish label Bodum has also come to Rome, and the Bodum Roma Store in Trastevere is really worth a visit. Personally, I love coming here because it reminds me of how great Danish design is, how beautiful and simple things can be made and still stay functional. The Bodum shop in Trastevere also has a small cafe where you can eat lunch or simply enjoy a cappuccino with a delicious cake after your shopping. Remember that you can take your computer with you, since there is free wi-fi.

Via di San Francesco a Ripa 141b. T. +39 06 58344926 

The Almost Corner Bookshop

The Almost Corner Bookshop looks like something taken out of a movie, and when you address the owner, Irish Dermot O'Connell, in Italian it becomes even more charming, when he will answer you back in fluent Italian with a strong accent. Here is exclusively English-language literature, and although it is a tiny bookstore, there are plenty of books to choose from. Not a single squaremetre has been wasted. All walls are covered with books, and Dermot can always order books, if you don't find, what you are looking for. The Almost Corner Bookshop is full of good atmosphere, and the personal and very friendly service completes the experience.

Via del Moro 45. T. +39 06 5836942

Circolo Scandinavo

Did you know that a number of Danish artists, including Hans Christian Andersen, in 1833 started a book collection in Rome? And that this library was the foundation of the Scandinavian Association in Rome, which was formed in July 1860, and which still exists today? The association, which today is called the Circolo Scandinavo, is located in Trastevere in Via della Lungara. Over the years the association has housed Nordic artists such as Thorvaldsen, Bournonville, Ibsen, Brandes, Strindberg, Hammershøi, Lagerlöf, John Jorgensen, Bergsøe, and Krøyer, and the association continues to function as a residence programme for Nordic artists. You can read more on the website, and if you come by Via della Lungara, then stop up for five minutes in front of no. 231, feel the history, and let your mind wander back to the many Danish artists, for whom Rome was, and continues to be, a huge inspiration.

Via della Lungara 231. T. +39 06 6875705 www.skandinaviskforening.org


  1. I love Trastevere - so charming and photogenic! Love your last shot in particular :)


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