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This is the first post from an area of Copenhagen, which is definitely not among the most popular, nor the most beautiful. However, as a tourist, you would be surprised how many lovely places there are to visit in Nordvest (North West).

Utterslev Mose (Marsh of Utterslev) is one of the most beautiful places, I can think of in Copenhagen. I am aware that my opinion may be a bit colored by the fact that I have lived in this neighborhood for many years and that I also came here as a child.

This is a wonderful place to go for a walk with children, dogs or your fiancé. The area is quite big, but you can choose several itineraries of just a few chilometres, if you want to take it slow. This is also the perfect place for a run and you will in fact meet several runners, when you visit the place. The area also has playgrounds and some big football lanes, where kids and young people can come to play, and finally you can enjoy a rich animal life with swans, birds, ducks and even sheeps.

The church, which you see in the background of one of the photos, is Grundtvigskirken, a very beautiful, yet simple church, which is definitely also worth a visit, once you are in the neighborhood.

You can reach Utterslev Mose from several streets. Some of them are Maglegårds Alle, Grønnemose Alle, Mosesvinget and Rådvadsvej.

Grundtvigs Kirke. På Bjerget 14B. T. +45 35815442 www.grundtvigskirke.dk


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