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If you continue straight ahead after Piazza del Popolo, you enter the Flaminio area. At the end of Via Flaminia, you can cross the river through Ponte Milvio, which may now be called the love bridge. The romantic name derives from the tradition of couples hanging padlocks in the chains of the lamp posts on the bridge and then throwing the key into the Tiber as a sign of their (eternal) love.

The Flaminio district and the area around Ponte Milvio are not among the most beautiful in Rome, but there are many good places here, and especially the Ponte Milvio area is a great place to go out at night, where there is plenty of life, chic restaurants and wine bars.

Here are some of my favorites from these two areas:

Pizza Rustica

In Via Flaminia 24, just a few meters from Piazzale Flaminio and Piazza del Popolo, you find my favorite place, when it comes to pizza slices. The place is simple, and pizza variations are more or less the same as in many other places, but here they taste better. The place also has some more special things such as mini calzones filled with e.g. ricotta cheese and spinach, and you can get a calorie bomb of a pizza with nutella. Finally the place sells pizza sandwiches for lunch, something which the locals and especially students from the nearby architecture faculty really enjoy.

When I lived in Rome, I passed by this place every day on my way to work, and every time I was met by the smell of freshly baked pizza bianca, which had just come out of the oven. A smell that is absolutely fantastic and very Roman.

Via Flaminia 24.


In a small street behind Via Flaminia you find the small and bohemian place, Tiepolo. This is the place if you want a light lunch or dinner and want to try something other than the traditional Italian cuisine. Sit at one of the colorful wooden tables outside in the quiet street, or enjoy the cozy little room inside. The specialty is baked potatoes with different fillings, but there are also plenty of tasty salads to choose from. The menu is generally inspired by the Nordic cuisine, and you can, for example, find Swedish meatballs on the card.

Tiepolo also has a good selection of delicious cakes from cheesecake to chocolate cake and is therefore also a good choice, if you just want to spend some time with a friend over a cup of coffee and something sweet. Tiepolo is the typical place where regular customers just drop by for a chat and a glass of wine.

Via Giovanni Battista Tiepolo 3. T. +39 06 3227449

Attik Roma

Attik Roma is a vintage furniture shop with almost exclusively Danish furniture from the fifties and sixties. Being a Dane I was a little proud when I found Attik. Imagine an entire shop dedicated to the old Danish furniture classics.

Quality almost screams at you, when you enter the shop, and the old furniture represented by beautiful chairs, tables, coffee tables, and lamps make a wonderful contrast to the colorful newer pieces of Nordic interior design, which the shop also sells.

Via Tiepolo 4B. T. +39 06 97611053

Small Industriecologiche

Industriecologiche is a chain of clothing stores, which you find in several places in Rome. In Via Flaminia you find the kids version, called Small. Besides Industriecologiche’s own collection you find brands in here such as Aspesi, Adidas, Jucca, Dondup, Almeria and Grifoni. The clothes are simply adorable, even though prices are in the high end.

Via Flaminia 265/267 T. +39 06 3215198


Even though you are spending your holidays in Rome, you should try a Sicilian dinner. Siciliainbocca is a Sicilian trattoria near Ponte Milvio. When you step inside, you have no doubts. In here everything is yellow and orange, and the place is filled with Sicilian ceramics: We are in Sicily.

The menu includes lots of delightful local dishes. And forget the calories, because it IS fattening. Try for example the tasty pannelle, which are small pancakes made of chickpea flour and deep fried. Very simple, yet incredibly delicious. If you have a (very) sweet tooth, throw yourself at the traditional Sicilian desserts, such as cannoli or cassata siciliana.

Via Flaminia 390 T. +39 06 3240187 www.siciliainboccaweb.com (Visit the website for more addresses).


Rome has many great places where to eat ice cream and cake, but Mondi near Ponte Milvio beats them all. There is always full house on weekends, when the Romans are out on their weekly walks with the entire family.

In here you find so many cookies, chocolates, ice cakes, pastries, desserts such as tiramisu and even a variety of liquorices, which can be purchased by weight, not to mention the huge desk filled with delicious Italian ice cream ...

Mondi also has a small bar, so you can order a cup of tea or coffee to go with your cake, if you choose to eat in the cafe.

Via Flaminia Vecchia 468. T. +39 06 3336466 www.pasticceriamondi.com

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