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Today I want to share some great spots in two areas of Rome, which I'm pretty sure most tourists never get to visit.

The Parioli area and the areas around Via Salaria and Via Nomentana are mostly residential areas. There is no tourism here, but a lot of foreign embassies, wealthy Romans and some students, since the private university LUISS is located in this area.

If you are interested in architecture, you should go for a walk in the Coppedé area, around Piazza Minzio just behind Piazza Buenos Aires. Coppedé was designed by architect Gino Coppedé, and the houses were built between 1921 and 1926. The style is Art Nouveau and Liberty, and the charming buildings are decorated with lots of dragons, spiders, lions, falcons and more. Simply walk around and enjoy the beautiful colors of the houses and the funny details.

The Danish Institute for Science and Arts 

Via Omero is a blind alley, which only houses foreign institutes and academies. As the last house you find Kay Fisker’s big yellow brick building with the inscription Accademia di Danimarca. Here is a little piece of Denmark - in the middle of Rome, and I have actually worked here for three years.

The Danish Institute for Science and Arts was inaugurated in 1956, where it was located in an apartment near Piazza Navona. In 1967 the academy moved to the newly constructed building in Via Omero donated by the Carlsberg Foundation and sponsored by Kay Fisker. The Institute houses Danish students who are granted a stay at the Academy in order to do research within the arts and science. The place can only be seen from the outside.

Via Omero 18. T. +39 06 3265931 www.acdan.it

Dress Agency 

Rome is slowly starting to jump on the wave of luxury second-hand shops where you can drop off your old designer clothes in commission and earn some extra money on things you no longer use. You find a really good one in Parioli.

Dress Agency takes your goods and sells them against a commission of 50% of the sales price. The shop has a good selection of products and brands. Here is Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Max Mara, Tod's and many others. The clothes are sorted by color, and if it wasn't because there is only one of each piece, you wouldn't even notice that it's a second hand shop.

Via Plana 5. T. +39 06 8080522 www.dressagency.it


If you want to give yourself an extra delicious dining experience, you should visit Molto. The restaurant is super cool with its minimalist but cozy interior, and there is also a small patio, where it is great to eat when the weather is good.

At Molto you find Italian cuisine at a slightly higher level than the average. The place serves dishes that looks like little pieces of art. The desserts are colorful, and the service is fantastic. Prices are naturally more expensive than usual but not unreasonable.

Besides lunch and dinner Molto is also a popular place for wealthy Parioli kids to have their daily aperitivo, so if you want to feel smart with the smart, this is where you should go.

Viale Parioli 122. T. +39 06 68082900 www.moltoitaliano.it

Moschea di Roma

Did you know that Rome has Europe's largest mosque? The mosque, which was made by Italian architect Paolo Portoghesi, is located outside the centre. It can house thousands of Muslims, and it also serves as a cultural center.

On Fridays Rome's Muslims gather for their Friday prayers. Already in the morning you can see the first people putting up booths in front of and along the mosque. They sell Arabian cakes, dried fruit, falafels and much more. Wednesday and Saturday from 9.00 to 11.30 you can visit the mosque with a guide. Remember that women must cover their hair.

Viale della Moschea 85. T. +39 06 8082258


The museum MACRO is relatively new and represents a much needed new input in a city where antiquity and ancient ruins are to be found everywhere. I love the modern architecture with lots of glass and plenty of light. The museum, which is located in a building formerly belonging to the Italian brewery Peroni in the Nomentano district, is spread over several floors on both sides of an open courtyard. The building's two sides are connected at each floor by a glass-covered walkway. Remember that MACRO has a sister museum in the Testaccio district, MACRO Future. The ticket gives access to both museums, if you visit them on the same day.

Via Reggio Emilia 54. T. +39 06 671070400 www.macro.roma.museum


Rigasù sells brands like Hoss, Jucca Alpha di Massimo Rebecchi, Petit Bateau, and the less famous Des Petits Hauts, Muchacha and 313. At Rigasù you also find a fine selection of jewelry, handbags, shoes and boots and other accessories. A shop with a great selection of all the right things at affordable prices.

Via Nomentana 135. T. +39 06 44202414 www.rigasu.it

Blå Congo

Blå Congo is a small Swedish Bistrot, a Nordic oasis in the Roman surroundings. The name of the place refers to the blue potato, which is the specialty of the restaurant. It is served in several variations with different toppings, a bit like a baking potato - just blue!

Blå Congo is a simple place but decorated in warm colors, so the Nordic simplicity and style is maintained without compromising the intimacy. The food is inspired by the Nordic cuisine, but often mixed with the Mediterranean. Finally, the walls are often used for temporary exhibitions of different artists, which makes the place even more charming. All in all the perfect setting for the perfect night with friends.

Via Ofanto 6/8. T. +39 06 8546705

Casina dei Pini

I have spent many good times in Casina dei Pini in the small park of Villa Massimo. Casina dei Pini is a small cafe / bistrot with outdoor seating. It lies like a little oasis in the neighborhood of Piazza Bologna and is perfect for an outdoor lunch, a drink or a nice dinner in the summer. The kitchen stays open until late, and the menu offers plenty of salads, fish and sandwiches besides the famous giant bruschette with different toppings. Casina dei Pini is also a great choice, if you have kids. Let the kids play in Villa Massimo and have lunch with the family.

Viale di Villa Massimo 8/A. T. +39 06 44244707 www.casinadeipini.com


In Piazza Euclide there is an almost divine shoe and handbag store. Bagheera is a small shop, which, once you step inside, gives you the feeling of having found the essence of shoes and bags. Here are the hottest of the hottest products, and you can go berserk in ballerinas, sandals, stilettos and boots from Miu Miu, YSL, Marc Jacobs, Stuart Weitzman, Jimmy Choo, Stella McCartney and L'autre Chose. When it comes to bags you will find Marc by Marc Jacobs and Chloé. Besides bags and shoes you also find a small selection of jewelry and purses. A magical place to shop.

Piazza Euclide 30 / Via G. Antonelli 26. T. +39 06 8070046 www.bagheeraboutique.com

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