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I'm ready with a few more favorite places from the charming Rione Monti. Remember to also read my previous mini guide to this area.

Urbana 47

Not surprisingly you find Urbana 47 in Via Urbana 47. Here you can have all meals from breakfast to dinner and you can even follow the cooking through the huge window in the kitchen. At Urbana 47 everything is organic and besides that, the place follows a concept which implies that the raw materials only come from local producers within the Lazio region (The so called 0 chilometres philosophy). The decor at Urbana 47 is a mix of industrial and retro design, and should you fall in love with a piece of furniture it can be purchased at the store Zoc. On weekends the place serves brunch, and you can also have aperitivo and after dinner at Urbana, so you can continue your evening here all night.

Via Urbana 47 T. +39 06 47884006 www.urbana47.it / Via delle Zoccolette 22 www.zoc22.it

La Cicala e la Formica

If you want to have lunch in Monti at a good price, La Cicala e la Formica is a very good solution. The restaurant is located in Via Leonina with a few tables outside, where it is nice to eat on a warm spring day. For lunch you can get the daily menu for 10 euros, which lets you choose between two pastas and two main dishes. The place has a good selection of desserts, and you may choose from different pies such as chestnut pie or apple pie and of course the classics tiramisu, pannacotta and chocolate mousse.

Via Leonina 17. T. +39 06 4817490 www.lacicalaelaformica.it

Libreria Caffè Bohémien

Libreria Caffè Bohémien is a really nice place to enjoy a glass of red wine after dinner. The decor is warm and old-fashioned elegance with gold frames, a gigantic and very beautiful chandelier in the ceiling and changing art on the walls. Everything is kept in dark warm colors, and there are lots of shelves filled with books and wine. Caffè Bohémien is both wine bar and book café, and of course you can also have the classic Italian aperitivo here. The place has a bit of everything, and it fully lives up to its name. It's pure bohemian ...

Via degli Zingari 36. T. +39 3397224622

Nora P.

Nora P. is a great design and flower shop, where you can find the most original things. The large room with the rough and bare brick walls includes everything from notebooks, jars and vases, baskets, frames, flowers, fabrics and furniture - often old stuff that has been restyled. One example are the beautiful dressers with innumerable drawers painted in beautiful pastel colors, or chairs made out of materials, you would never think could become a piece of furniture. Finally in the back of the store there is a small courtyard filled with plants. Nora P. is romantic and inspiring. A place you must absolutely visit.

Via Panisperna 220/221. T. +39 06 454737 www.nora-p.com

Il giardino del te

Good teashops are not found on every street corner in a coffee-loving city like Rome, but they are there, usually hidden in the small streets, where as a tourist, you rarely pass by. One of the best teashops is Il Giardino del tea. Besides having an impressive selection of tea in all its variants: black, green, white, yellow, herbal teas and more, you can also buy fine tea mugs, teapots and other must-have accessories for the hot beverage.

Via del Boschetto 107. T. +39 06 89535176 www.ilgiardinodelte.it


Boschettotre is a small interior design shop, where everything is kept in nice bright colors. Here you will find everything for the home including candles, pottery, baskets, pillows, bowls, vases, etc. The style is Scandinavian, things are beautiful, and it is not too expensive.

Via del Boschetto 3. T. +39 06 48906922 www.boschettotre.it

La Carbonara 

La Carbonara is one of the best restaurants in Monti. The small osteria has a history, which dates back to 1906, and it is run by the Jewish Rossi family. The menu includes several Jewish specialties like the fantastic fried artichokes "carciofi all a giudia." La Carbonara has a rich selection of both classic Roman pasta dishes like cacio e pepe, arrabbiata and gricia, but also several plates, that are a little more atypical - often with artichokes as the main ingredient. At La Carbonara it doesn’t matter what you choose. Follow your heart and choose whatever you like and don't be afraid to choose the most simple dishes. Everything tastes great, is prepared with love and made of the best quality. Personally, I love the Tagliolini with cherry tomatoes, chili, garlic, parmesan and basil. The service is top notch, and the fact that the place is run by the family, always makes things a little more intimate and relaxed. Prices are more than reasonable.

Via Panisperna 214. T. +39 06 4825176 www.lacarbonara.it


The two jewelry designers Roberta Paolucci and Paolo Giacomelli founded the company Iosselliani in 1997. The couple creates the most beautiful jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. The shop is a beautiful aesthetic experience with black as the dominant color, which is always a good background for gold and silver.

The shop used to be in Pigneto but recently moved to Monti in Via del Leone.

Via del Leone 21. T. +39 06 45449987 www.iosselliani.com

Palazzo delle Esposizioni

With an area of 10,000 m2 Palazzo delle Esposizioni is Rome's largest exhibition venue. The facilities are spread over three floors and include a cinema, an auditorium, a cafe, a restaurant and the bookstore Bookàbar. Palazzo delle Esposizioni hosts exhibitions of visual arts, photography and much more. At the top of the museum you’ll find the impressive restaurant Open Colonna. The restaurant area is spread over two floors of respectively 400 and 280 m2, a great deal of which consists of roof terraces. Everything is kept in white, light wood and lots of glass from the large panoramic windows. Not a bad place to have dinner.

Via Nazionale 194. T. +39 06 39967500 www.palazzoesposizioni.it www.opencolonna.it

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