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Glimpses from my life this week:

The apartment hunt isn't over yet, well the hunt is supposed to be over, but I still haven't signed anything... Let's hope for this next week. Time is starting to run out, but I am positive! Will be interesting to see, where I live one month from now, as I sure ain't going to stay in this place, since new people are moving in by the end of the month. Italy and the Italian way of doing things. Can't live with it. Can't live without it :-)

When I didn't think about apartment stuff, I enjoyed the beautiful colors of fall in the city together with my mum and Matilde, and I managed to take a few photos.

... and Piazza del Duomo is filled with olive trees. I love them. 

I went here:

For the first time ever, I had an expensive cappuccino in Piazza Repubblica at Gilli. (Separate post coming up about this place soon). Sometimes it's just great to behave as a real tourist in the city you live in, and I fully enjoyed looking at the life in the square.

I also had lunch at one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants Il vegetariano and at Chiaroscuro.

Photos I wish I had taken:

I have never been a Halloween person, I have never had any traditions related to Halloween (But I will next year when my daughter will be old enough to dress as a little monster) However, I did enjoy these Halloween pics from The Sweet Light.

I am not at all into fashion blogs, but I have been following the Italian no. 1 fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni for quite some time, since her blog isn't just about the usual daily outfit. She travels all over the world, and I like to follow her around.

This week one of her posts caught my attention. Chiara is posing for Louis Vuitton in a campaign, where she has been turned into a brunette in the 1920' Paris. Now, if there is one period in time I am fascinated about it's the 1920s and the intellectual, artistic, fantastic, amazing, bohemian Paris. The Louis Vuitton campaign managed to bring me back in time and I just love the photos.

Another blog I enjoy, and which I have to admit is also a bit fashion oriented, is Danish Emily Salomons blog. This week I fell in love with this amazing beach photo from (I guess) Israel.

See you...  

I hope you enjoyed this week in real life and here on the blog. I'll be back next week with with lots of post from Rome, Florence and Copenhagen, and Sunday I will have a new This week for you.

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