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Glimpses from my life:

As for apartments I refuse to talk about them until I have one. Let's just say that things didn't go as planned last week!

On Monday my daughter started nursery, which of course resulted in both of us getting the flu after just four days. Experienced mums had warned be about this, and they were right :-) Apart from that the nursery is fabulous and I think she is going to have a great time there.

The Biennale Enogastronomica Fiorentina started this week and I enjoyed the big market in Piazza Repubblica. You may already have seen a few pics on the Facebook page, but here comes more.

And speaking about Facebook. Have you seen all the new tabs I made for the page? Now you can go directly from the Facebook page to any of my profiles. I love the new look. (Check out last Sunday's post for info on how to optimize your Facebook page).

I went here:

It had been way too long since I had visited one of my favorite spots in Florence, so this week I had lunch at 5 e Cinque. Because of the flu I had a nice warm onion soup and some delicious falafels with vegetables and yoghurt sauce.

Photos I wish I had taken:

Alicia Bock is an amazing photographer. Check out her blog and especially these pics, which I simply adore. I can't wait for winter to set in for real.

It looks like The Sweet Light is going to be a regular on my Sunday posts. This week I was completely taken by her new book and calendar.

And finally these... How beautiful are these black and white portraits?

See you...

This afternoon I'll be teaching Danish, and tonight I will enjoy the Danish television series The Killing. I'll leave you with some rain and some butterflies on Ponte Vecchio. See you next week!

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