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Glimpses from my life:

So apparently they were right, all the experienced mums: Nursery = sickness. Yes, We have been sick on and off this week, topping on Saturday where I didn't get out of bed all day. Good thing my mum is here!

However, the good news from this week is that I finally found a new apartment and signed the contract. In 10 days I will be moving to Le Cure, which is a nice area just outside the center of Florence. I don't really know this area, but from what I have seen so far it looks very promising, and I'm sure I will find lots of places to share with you.

This week I did some changes to my website and I am very happy with the result. I am working on yet another portfolio with photos from the blog, which will be up and running soon, but until then have a look at the website HERE.

I didn't take so many pics this week, but I did do some editing on older pics, which I will share with you. The bike actually made it to Explore on Flickr (I believe it is the first time ever this happens to me, although I'm not even sure how it works and how to find out, which photos have been explored).

I went here:

I went to Yellow twice, a place in the center of Florence, with a very nice service and great pizzas.

Blog posts I loved

Two weeks ago I mentioned the photos from the Louis Vuitton campaign featuring Chiara Ferragni. Well, this week the film came out. And it's absolutely STUNNING. Have a look for yourself.

I am huge fan of Sandra Juto's blog filled with photos from Berlin. This week I especially enjoyed her before and after pictures of her charming Berlin apartment. (Don't we all love before and after pics? :-))

Photos I wish I had taken

There are several cities I dream of visiting and photographing. One of them is San Francisco. So you can understand why I loved this post by Irene Suchocki.

And today I fell in love with these children's portraits taken by Brookelyn Photography...

See you...


  1. Dine billeder er for syge Birgitte - kan du ikke adoptere mig, så jeg kan lære det ;O)
    God mandag sødeste.

    1. Hahahaha, du er jo alt for morsom :-) Vi ses snart :-)


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