black diamond | copenhagen

The Black Diamond is one of the newer architectural jewels in Copenhagen. The building is home to the Royal National Library and is worth a visit also just for the architecture.

The big black diamond is beautiful seen from the outside, but when you enter the building you must immediately go to the top floor to enjoy the view from the gigantic panoramic window facing the canals. When you are done admiring the building from inside and outside take a look at the bookshop at the ground floor, and finally, if the sun is with you, buy yourself something to drink or eat at the café and stay as long as you want on one of the sunbeds outside the building in front of the water.

In this gigantic building you do not only find books. The place is also home to many exhibitions, conferences, concerts etc. A big, beautiful cultural centre plus a restaurant called Søren K (named after the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard).

Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1. T. +45 33474747 www.kb.dk / http://soerenk.dk/


  1. I have never even been there - how sad is that!!! Perfectly shot Birgitte, ses smart,

    1. Hov, glemte helt at svare på denne :-) Billedet er faktisk temmelig gammelt, et af de første jeg tog lige da jeg begyndte og havde fået mit Canon. :-)