copenhagen airport

Copenhagen airport © Birgitte Brøndsted

Writing about the airport in Copenhagen may seem a bit odd or maybe not... after all this is where most travels to Copenhagen begin and end, and personally I have a very special relationship to this place.

I love Copenhagen Airport. I must admit that I love airports in general because they symbolize transition, going from one place to another, sometimes new beginnings and almost always positive emotions before heading to a new or well known place. But Copenhagen Airport is special to me, it's my home airport.

Copenhagen Airport is definitely the best airport I have ever visited, when it comes to shopping. And this is not only my opinion. The airport has won the prize for best airport in the world and in Europe several times, so there is something about it...

At Copenhagen Airport you find all the great Danish and international designers such as By Malene Birger, Georg Jensen, Gucci, Burberry, InWear, Tiger of Sweden and many many more. You also find the famous Copenhagener cafe Joe and the Juice, and the airport is actually the only place in Denmark where you find Starbucks. 

Another thing I like about this airport is the architecture. Copenhagen Airport is a classic example of Nordic architecture based on simple and functional design. The airport is beautiful and it is indeed functional (You don't need to wait hours for your luggage and if you travel with children you can borrow a stroller for free inside the airport). 

More than 50.000 people pass through Copenhagen Airport every day. I hope you are going to be one of them sooner or later. 

Copenhagen airport © Birgitte Brøndsted
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